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  1. Doing a little birthday shopping :D (19 so don't han bammer me) Does anyone know of some top quality shops? And also what do you guys think I should get. I'm going to college in a few weeks so keep in mind I would have to hide it and price isnt really a problem. Bong, bubbler, spoon?
  2. ny gifts is a nice shop they have plenty of high end glass. if your looking for something cheaper go down to st marks there is cheap glass in every window. if your going to school bubblers are always nice and dug outs come in handy too.
  3. Go to St. Marks Place (8th St and 2nd Ave)

    Some shops are a bit overpriced. Take a look around and I'm sure you'll be able to find a good deal somewhere.

    The whole block is literally filled with headshops.

    I go there all the time to buy glass
  4. ny gifts is the only place i'll ever go in nyc....the owner's name is Alex, he has a great selection of high end glass and always hooks it up with prices
  5. new york gifts is the only place I would go....they have everything and great prices. Tons of high end stuff including toro,roor,illadelph, Sheldon black, lux, Nate dizzle, hit man,

    Be careful about all the fake glass at the other shops in NYC

  6. if you're looking for name brand head to NY Gifts but if not head down over to canal street and you might find a pretty good deal. i bought my bowl there 2 years ago for 12.50. people have offerred to purchase it for 60 because they liked it so much. real quality glass and nice design. happy shopping :wave:
  7. Thanks guys I'll post pics when I end up getting it. The 3 shops I'm looking at are all within about a block of each other. NY Gifts, Blue Nile, and The Smoking Shop

  8. im going to ny gifts today im hoping to pick up some thing dope ill post pics later:hello:
  9. I would go to Ny gifts and get an itza, many people think they are toro nock offs but they are of equal quality to toro; except unlike toro, they have gridding

  10. ny gifts dont carry itza the got toro and jp will not sell to someone if they have itza in there shop
  11. this is right the part about NY gifts having Toro not Itza but their prices are way better than online so Toro's can be had a NY gifts for a decent chunk of change.

    He has got tons of high end shit....i heard blue nile is also a good one.

    like i said previously just stay away from the shops that carry any fakes...fuck shops that carry fake shit.


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