Buying Shrooms For The First Time

Discussion in 'General' started by Myxomotosis, Aug 17, 2008.

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  1. Hello everyone :)

    I'm buying shrooms for the first time tonight. They're really hard to come by round here,so you pretty much get what you're given. In my case I'll be buying an 1/8th off of a dealer I don't really trust... but they're so hard to get, I might as well.

    So how much should I be paying and how much should I be getting?

    All help is apprecciated. x
  2. Pandora's box.
    3.5 grams. $40-50.
  3. yea, i've paid anywhere from 30-50. I just shroomed last night... tryin to replicate that again tonight... always a great time, have fun!
  4. eat the entire 8th all at once
  5. 3.5g

    $25-30 is usually the running rate. I just picked up a quad of shrooms for myself about 10 min ago. Saving 'em for a bomb weekend.
  6. Wrong forum.
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