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  1. ok so this guy wants to buy this product from me for $500 plus shipping and handling(about 10/15 lbs, 2x2x2ft). i live in the US and he lives in canada. however, i have no experience whatsoever in buying/selling... so i was wondering how to make this transaction. i'd rather not go through a third party such a ebay..

    how can i safely do this? paypal?
  2. So what are we talking here? A kilo of white?
    Post this in the trafficking forum.
  3. trafficking forum? i looked for a place to post but ended up doing it here.

    anyway, its a KNEX model engine with custom instructions that someone wanted to buy off me. $500 is a straight fucking deal for some assembled plastic!

  4. Lol. I was just joking. :p
  5. Just have him mail you a money order or bank check, then mail him the item. Not really that hard. He just have to trust you to send it.
  6. Hahahah I think we all assumed you meant drugs.
  7. lmao...imagine paying with Paypal over ebay for $500 worth of weed :D
  8. Create free website selling 500 dollar item pay with paypal.

    Print shipping label, with no signature confirmation.

    Note that customs will rape you if the dogs search it 50% of time.

    Nevertheless, if delivery guy asks for signature, do not accept.

    -Now I have never done this, but logically speaking sounds plausable.
  9. dude, i remember knex. fun ass shit. what makes the thing worth 500 dollars?

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