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buying seeds

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 2good4u, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. im not sure if this is the right section sorry if it isnt. well i wanna know if theres site i can buy seeds online without having a credit card. i have paypal though.

  2. PayPal now has those little debit type cards they will send to you to use your PayPal like a bank account of sorts, and the debit card like a credit card. Dunno if anywhere accepts PayPal.. I'd just try to get the little PayPal card, or like.. A prepaid visa card from Wal-Mart of something =/ -shrug-
    Sorry if I was no help :(:(
  3. thanks for the help never thought of getting a prepaid one
  4. Its better to get a prepaid card because they are harder to track down than paypal and other sources of payment
  5. I heard that when you order seeds online you get put on a special list that the government this just bs?

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