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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by HoKuSPoKuS420, Sep 7, 2003.

  1. I want to buy Seeds from but I am on a budget so could only buy 1 or 2 seeds .. Worried about the possibility of the seed(s) not germinating or being male, But of course if it's male you can just get the seeds off him right?

    Any help is appreciated

    Strain I want is Bubble Gum (sounds nice)
    Kali Mist
  2. $15 ? Why so cheap? Are they good seeds ?
  3. This question is Anyone living in the US, Have you ever had any problems receiving seeds from over seas?As in Seeds getting Confiscated/lost or what not.. I want to know before I invest In over seas orders

    Thanks :-D
  4. they are good genetics with good reviews
  5. Thanks for replying, I found another site like seedsdirect gonna check it out have yet to do that.. But the question still remains.... I live in the US will my seeds get confiscated coming through customs or what ever ?
  6. seedsdirect post in plain wrapper and dont put ther addy on the outside.

    ther is allways a chance ur seeds might get damaged or lost but thats a risk u take with inland post aswell.

    if u have any questions then ask them.
    +44 (0)208-286-7757

    i think ther still good addys and numba. best to just check the web page tho.

    the seeds r cheap cus of who breeds them. its like buyin coffee, u pay more 4 a brand name than a stores own make.
  7. You can always try heaven's stairway. They are in Canada and have some cheap priced strains. CUstoms doesn't check Canadian mail as tough as overseas.
  8. What is the Link to Heaven's Stairway... But Never mind It will probably be under links.. (Durr)

  9. You’ll have a hard time getting a lot of deep info on seed buying, and the reason is, the good folks package their seeds in very discreet ways. When people post specifics about how their order got there, it’s kind of a “breach of security”.

    I always like when people post a bad shipment though, like if it’s not camouflaged at all. U.S. growers need to know the best shot they have at getting the seeds without having a tail.

    Seems like most people get their seeds just fine from seedsdirect in Europe (I think) and from Dr. Chronic in Canada (I think) without too much problem. I haven’t ordered any yet, so I can relate to the anxiety.

    Let us know how it goes, but don’t posts specifics of the packaging. Just let us know if it was good or bad.

  10. good point well made Ledfether.
  11. seed direct sends there seed so they can't get crushed i had no problem ,,,,only order once and they were here in 5 days good luck

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