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  1. Trying to buy seeds and they're making me set up one of those bitcoin accounts and that shit is hard does anybody have a clue and is there anyway around that? PayPal is an option but when I try to use it it doesn't except it I don't understand
  2. Some sites allow credit cards but I'm not sure which. I used the vault but weeks after they stopped accepting CC in the US... bitcoins isn't that difficult actually a lot of bitcoin ATM's are popping up across the country and makes it very simple.

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  3. Seedsman takes CC

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  4. It's difficult enough. (Bitcoin)
    And thank you. I was trying to order through attitude
  5. Just call pay pal and tell them you are doing an overseas purchase and they will pull the block off your account most credit debit and paypal accounts have that automatic block on them for protection. I would advise putting the block back on after your purchase.
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  6. Ya buying bit coins is pretty sketch
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  7. ye i don't get the whole bitcoin thing. I'm in the process of doing the same thing myself. not to be rude n your post. sorry for that in advance. but if u find a successful spot share.. plz n thanks
  8. just started taking cc and they are US based. True North takes cc,, and also take cc. I've used all of these accept bud aroma but they are next on my list.

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  9. It's been nothing but a complete nightmare. I have been online for three days filling out check out forms on countless Bank sites but I'm not going to get them from just any place like I did last time the genetics were terrible
  10. Bonzaseeds takes CC and paypal, I have used them multiple times, great service & fast delivery.

    Herbies takes bank transfers, I have not personally used them, but I know multiple people who have.

    coinbase if you choose to take the bitcoin plunge, makes your experience stress free and is very easy to use.

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  11. Bitcoin says don't purchase until after July

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    I think that's just for investing, isn't it?
  13. I honestly don't know. I can't figure out bitcoin lol..

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  14. Did my first bank transfer today that was an extreme pain in the ass and cost $50 extra but no sites except credit cards anymore from the US
  15. Will not be doing this method. May Go bitcoin once I figure it out.

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  16. There are a lot of bitcoin ATM's popping up... its worth a quick google search to see if one is near you because they seem easy as hell compared to trying to buy them online.

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  17. Yeah well I tried that method first and I would prefer that method but I cannot figure it out
  18. Lol, I was the same when I first tried using them, once you do it a few times and get the hang of it, it doesn't seem as complicated as you originally thought haha.

    Just go beast mode on YouTube and research like crazy, you'll get it bro!
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