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  1. Hi guys i am looking for a good site to buy seeds. And i am from usa RI any opinions will be welcome thank you

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  2. Haven't bought myself, but from all the forums and other sources I've read nirvana seeds is very reliable

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  3. The vault is pretty good ordered from them had no problems

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  4. I am not sure but i think on nirvana they dont sell 1 or 3 just 5 up

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  5. I'm going to recommend attitude seeds. Every seed I have gotten from them germinated, and their the quickest seed bank for delivery I've had so far. I ordered from nirvana before, seeds arrived and everyhring but my issue was the germination rate. I was batting like 25% and literally every seed from attitude has germinated. I can't definitively say it was nirvan's seeds, but I don't think it was all me
  6. Single seed centre is my go to place.
  7. Original seeds is great
    If youre canadian we have:

    True north seed bank

    Both of those have never given me trouble and it was quick

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  8. Msnl deff go to had my order in 5 days in USA

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  9. I used the vault once seeds never even popped. Paper towl germination
  10. This bacth i went through got my seeds in less the a week in NY
  11. Gyo seedbank has a bunch of different genetics from different banks i prefer humbolt and dutch passion strains ima sativa dom fan just got some blue dream powerplant purple trainwreck and 3 freebies cost me 100$ shipped airmail for all fem photos 12 seeds total
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  12. I was looking on gyo and i problably will send from gyo. Ty bro

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