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  1. Hey guys, im new at growing. Thought i would try it because im moving about an hour away and i wont know anybody there so i will lose all connects.

    does anybody know any websites where i can safely buy seed?

    thanks for any help
  2. Attitude is good, got my order in about 8 days to the midwest. Plus the freebies are generally pretty good.
  3. I cant remember if it is against the rules, so I will say UTFSE
    However, if one were to google "buy blueberry headband seeds", then many sites will appear. I understand not being sure, so I will say that if you go here
    That is the company my has dealt with. The seeds have arrived every time, in a coffee mug. If one buys a 5 pack of feminized, there is sure to be a keeper mother in there, make sure each is cloned, and labeled, so when they grow and flower, you will see which phenotype suits YOUR needs best'
    Good luck
  4. thanks guys, i will check it out.

    another question, which seed or strain of marijuana would be the easiest for a beginner grower? also, i am going to grow outdoors

  5. did you buy the already feminized seeds? should i do this? it saves time, am i correct?
  6. [quote name='"paperplanes11"']

    did you buy the already feminized seeds? should i do this? it saves time, am i correct?[/quote]

    It CAN save time, but it's not guaranteed. I've had good luck with seeds in general fem or reg. I've heard some people say they've had FEMs go herm easier. I've had a few go herm but I think that's more to do with the breeder or environment than anything else, I will advise to stay away from Dutch passion though - 90% of the strains I've tried of theirs went herm.
  7. Thanks guys(or girls) for pointing me in te right direction. I think I'm gonna just ask a couple friends if they have any bag seeds or my dealer and offer them some money for em. Rather get it all the kinks worked out on a cheap seed than pay a bunch of money for some more expensive ones.

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