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  1. I was looking for a website that i could use paypal with to buy seeds, right now im 18, still live under my parents roof and I dont think a charge on my credit card with a charge or a nirvana seed bank charge would suit them.
    I have like $50-100 dollars in my paypal account and was just looking to buy seeds with

    any suggestions?

    Edit: i live in the us btw
  2. money order is the best way to pay,never knew you could go through paypal.
  3. don't pay through paypal they have your personal information.
  4. so just pay through money order at a grocery store, alright i guess that will do.

    what websites can you pay with a money order?

  5. pretty much every website takes money orders since your dealing with cannabis seeds. go with i hear dat shits legit and i am about to place an order with him real soon
  6. Hi wolfkidz,

    The problem with PayPal is that if an order gets lifted by customs, then you get to involve PayPal in a non-delivery refund. I don't think any suppliers want that.

    You can pay by cash at a lot of seed suppliers. Check the signature links for one option.

  7. How did everything work out with Paypal? I also just bought from with Paypal, and now I'm freaking out because I used my real name and address--is it going to be ok? What should I do?
  8. Hi
    Did you get your order from ?
  9. The seed companys, or at least the people shiping them ship descreatly and most of the time the statement will say ""blank" gifts" not cannaseeds or w/e(idk for canna seeds) and you can usually find the policy on the site it self. Paypal is a may as well try type thing. But you could get you money from there and then put that on a prepaid credit card( like the gift card type ones) and most spots accept that and theres no name put on it, unless u buy it with you pay pal, so in other words buy it in cash.
  10. Before you run out and get a money order, remember that most or all seedbanks are in different countries and they will only take an international money order. Not the ones you get at the store (at least not at mine). You have to go to a bank or post office for an international. Also, credit card charges from seed banks show up as "merchant" not any thing that says "seeds" or company name. This is from experience. The one thing I did notice, was that the credit card company will put a hold on the order and verify with you that this is an actual charge from you, not someone stealing your credit card. Kind of a pain in the ass, but it works.
  11. I've had a bit of bother trying to get seeds in the past, and learned a bit in the process. I'd stick to buying with paypal, I got burned buying with credit card. I lost £80 trying to get them with my card, I tried to claim the money back but had to fill in loads of paper work saying what I'd bought and where from, never bothered with the claim. If you buy with paypal you'll get your money back with a dispute, once you start one the seller refunds you, if it went to paypal to decide they'd close the sellers account. As for buying from website's that just sell seeds they're hit and miss I got sold fakes and when I added this to the customer reviews the site owner just deleted it the next day and banned my ip address from the site. The best place I've found to buy from is Ioffer the sellers there accept paypal and the reviews aren't fixed it has a feedback system like ebay. Hope this comes in useful to someone.
  12. word 8 for 8:wave:
  13. get pay pal to send you a check. go to check cashing store and get international money order peak seeds bc are good google them
  14. Just bought my first seeds tried two different sites and used PP account for both... recieved both orders within two weeks with no issues great seeds and service both counts. I advise small purchases or if you require lots of seeds split the orders up... different accounts... shipping address etc. Otherwise when is comes to production... Don't ask, don't tell and all should be well. :wave:
  15. Do not pay with paypal, they are a bunch of narcs and I don't think any of the better trusted websites let you use paypal.
  16. 1 Post, rave review off topic, hmmmm....
  17. e-transfer ftw
  18. Yes you are and you're spamming on a site owned by a huge head shop :rolleyes:

    Stay away from Paypal people :smoking:
  19. Hi,
    i bought 5 feminized Dutch passion Mazar with Paypal on a irish cannabis seeds website without any problems like delays or paranoïd. You have to know that paypal doesn't allow the usual payment checkout for this kind of websites due to their policy. So basically, you have to send them the payment at their email adress or they send you an invoice in your email box. It is still better than putting money in an envellope hahaha. But still, usually i move my ass to buy my bird food seeds directly in a special shop. It always the best solution to get rid of the internet and general paranoid. cheers

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