buying seeds with a checking or debet card

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  1. hey guys im about to order some seeds from the dr but i have one quick question. if i order the seeds with my debet card they cant trace the card or anything right? is it safe to order with a card? does anyone have any expierience? and when you do recieve the seeds do they come in an envelope or what not? thanks
  2. I use my debit card when I order seeds. Generally the charge shows up as something stealthy, so if you have someone else looking at your bank card records they won't know.

    In theory it's possible this could become evidence against you if you get busted and then they subpoena your credit card and bank card records, but you're not going to get busted from using the card in the first place.
  3. Use cash if you can...

    But you should consider getting a Visa gift card... you can put however much you want on it... and it is virtually untraceable...

    You can pick them up at most stores... even Walgreens carries Visa gift cards...

    Good Luck,

  4. If you're going to go with a prepaid gift card go with SIMON. I bought the one at walgreens called 'Green Dot' but it got denied when I tried to order. If I remember correctly, Green Dot doesn't support AVG verification and Simon does.

    Good luck :)

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