Buying seeds from private party.

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by jebe99, Jun 8, 2020.

  1. Is it legal to buy seeds through mail from a person.....and not from a dispensary or online seed stores?
    Both the seller and I are in no problems with interstate issues, if that's even an issue at all.
    Thanks in advance for answers.
  2. He's not traceable anyway and tell him to write your name as Elisabeth Hornswaggle.
    Problem solved. Tada :)
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  3. Yeah - No ... do not use a fake name fro mailing stuff ... that right away will flag the address as suspicious
  4. Congrats do ya plan on doin a grow journal
  5. If it's just a mate tell him to put a couple seeds in a crush proof container then send it off. If it's some guy off the the interwebs I would just recommend a trusted seedbank/dispensary. Don't know the legality of it
  6. It used to be they were legal to sell but not germinate. But these days with Judges letting people with no legal experience pass laws like it was a free-for-all... who knows. But it is easy to check if you know the country you are in. :ey: Just google the laws. And make sure they are current ones. :love-m3j:

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