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Buying Rules?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Rogueroller, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. Hey,everybody! I'm just now getting back into weed after about 15 years so it is all different than it used to be,as far as quantities,buying,etc. I stopped a guy on the street yesterday to buy a dub in a known area of town for activity. He got in,we went to a house,I have him $20 & he went to get it. Well,guess what? He took off with my $20 & never came back! Should I request to see the weed before buying? Am I just stupid for buying from someone I don't know? Give me some feedback,as I would appreciate it a lot!

  2. You shouldn't have given him the money to go get it but it was your only choice there, and at least it was only $20. You should really try to find somebody through a friend. That way you know you can trust them and they may give you a good deal. And when you're buying from a new person always ask to see the bud before you pay, that way you know you're not getting skimped and you can see how good it is.
  3. Yea always ask to see the bud. If the dude says "i gotta go get it from my guy" tell him you will give him an extra 10 bucks but you need to meet the main guy too.

    If you can always avoid middle men. Always see the product first. Never buy more then an 8th your first time with someone. Once you find a reliable guy get his number
  4. If i dont see the cash or bud theres no deal. I dont let people "get my weed" for that reson. Let your lesson be learned
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    Only time I'll deal with a middle man is if they cover it with their money first, so that way I can still look at it and weigh it, etc. before actually purchasing.
  6. Make sure they have bud in hand, scale in pocket/bag, and never give your money until you've seen the bud on the scale. If they pull the i'll-be-right-back-I-have-to-go-get-it-bro shit, then tell them you don't fuck with middle men.
  7. it can never be said enough... never give money without seeing the green first.  you aren't stupid for buying from someone you don't know, but think about it.  you just gave someone money, and they have no incentive not to take it and walk, other than being a good person.  sadly, not many people care about being a good person.
    i'd say try to get a connection through friends, or just keep doing what you're doing but don't pay until you have the green in hand.
  8. LMAO! Rule number 1: NEVER hand a stranger money. You are lucky it was not me. $20? I sell only eigths for $50. Ha ha! I just got $50........
  9. number one rule of the drug trade.
    Very important tip right there amigo

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