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buying question

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by dd87412, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. my friend says he will give me 4 grams of kali kush for $80.00. i never bought so im not sure its a good deal, maybe my potsmokin buddies on grasscity can help me out :smoking: so please, is this a good strain and good deal? thanks!
  2. well an eighth (3.5) of an ounce of here runs for about 70-80 and you're getting an ok deal. Make sure you weigh it out though and its real cali kush
  3. thats a little steep for me. definately weigh it out
  4. i could probably get it for 15 a g. would that make it a better deal?
  5. you should tell him to sell you 4 grams for 70
    imo is the right price
  6. Make sure (check pictures, google kali kush) to check that it is the right stuff not just "mids." Don't let him rip you as a friend weather you think he would or not!
  7. Tell him to make it a quarter or lower the price.
  8. Never pay more than $60 an eigth, your friend is trying to charge you $20 for 0.5 grams.
  9. he said 15-20 bucks a g. for cali kush, i was thinkin i'd pay 20, but i can get it for 15. so 60 for 1/8 is decent? and is it a good strain? i've never had it
  10. if you can get it for 15 obviously do that.
    If not, I'd do $55 an eigth.
    Really depends where you live.
    I live partially in Cali and in SC.
    ca I get top grade medical shit for $55 an eigth..
    sc Decent Dank $75 an eigth, but its more because of the part of SC im in..
  11. I live in pittsburgh so great strains are hard to come by
  12. i pay $55-65 an eighth (almost always $60)

    i wouldnt pay more than 65 unless it was just rediculous

    so yeah 60 sounds like a deal

    and if it is what he says it is, yes its a good strain; very indica dominant

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