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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by CervezA, Oct 7, 2003.

  1. hey guyz, so yah i i'm a newb and just wanted to get a quick question outta the way.... is it not safe to buy lights and stuff like that online? I'm about to buy a really nice lamp for pretty cheap. Just wondering if using a credit card/check (anything other than cash and in person) is a bad idea? Thanks guys.
  2. YES!!!!!!!! cash or money orders my man!!!!!! It is easy to aquire these lights without using online purchases or what not, need help im me!!!!!!!!!
  3. GO to your local hardware store...they will have everything you'll need.
  4. won't it be like a SHITLOAD more expensive tho?
  5. I'm gonna be using a HPS 400 watt system... not fluoros..
  6. well most of the systems at the hardware stores, etc. are all over $200. has one for $90... thats the only reason. I know of a store not too far away that sells it for 170$... is it worth the risk to buy it online?

  7. but they still have my shipping address....
  8. send it to a freinds house who has no worries about search!!!!!
  9. I bought my light online. I don't see the big deal it's a light, it can be used for tons of things other than growing and isn't sufficient proof of anything.

  10. see.. thats what I'M sayin!
  11. yea..but say you use your Credit card for everyhting you buy..ferts(all perfect for weed, yes the gov knows the perfect ferts for weed) the lights, growing supplies..and then say, you get busted for having a gram on you...they look back at your credit card, and see all this stuff you have...they are gonna watch you like an eagle, and eventually you'll get caught..the smart move is MONEY ONLY NO CREDIT CARDS cant stress it nuff..
  12. yup that is a sure fire way to gert those LEAs after you, stylezz iz right
  13. ahh, didn't think bout it that way.. i guess ur right :)
  14. I'm not talking about buying everything with a credit card, just the light online. I pay cash for everything else.
  15. Shit, I hope you guys are wrong. I purchased my light online from a place in New York City. This was about 3 months ago or so. Then I purchased a fan and some fertilizer from the same place.

    At least if the DEA comes knocking on my door all they will find is four shitty little plants not worth a crap. They will probly just end up laughing me out of town.
  16. they cnat look at your credit card shit without sufficient info prior to that and a warrant prolly.

  17. Ok so when they see ur statment its says tiger bloom, 200mm fan ect ect. DOUBT IT. Has the name of the store if that. Most of mine have the store owners name thats it. I agree if the Police already investgating u than they might find something but its not as if they search house after house for the ppl that bought tigerbloom
  18. it matters, but to an extent just dont ship anything to ur grow house. everyone gets a little buggy about this subject, the dea is real worried boutur small setups come on. if ur growin tons of lbs and distributing then u really need to worry imo

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