Buying new seeds looking for suggestions

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by nonfiction, Mar 11, 2016.

  1. Just bought an led. Mars ii 900 in a 3x3 tent
    I grow indoors.
    I'm going to try bubble bucket again because low temp led!!
    I use green planet nutes

    I like indica looks and the couch kush high, I also love short flowering around 63 days is fun to watch grow, I do have a hps so temps could possibly get high, so I want a plant that's not a little princess, something that can take a little bit of stress not the perfect environment, I also plan on using co2 this grow to try if not sooner.

    If there's some 60/40 sativa I'm open minded I just like getting as ripped as possible, if it causes anxiety I don't like, as far as medical things to help depression anxiety and create euphoria and mood lifting strains are great, once and awhile an energetic strain like green crack is fun, was like thinking something like a pink kush though, or maybe spend the money and buy top of line strains, I do intend to clone so not interested in autos well maybe one seed every once and awhile ;)

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  2. Nothing? :(

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  3. Bubba Kush from "GreenHouse Seeds". Can handle High or Low Temps, Pest resistant, Easy To Grow, Short, Very Potent. Great Smoke.
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  4. I would recommend any of Bodhis 88 g13/hp crosses. They can be easily found at most of the US seed banks like Great Lakes Genetics or Seed Vault of California. Good potency and I haven't experienced any anxiety from the 4 different 88 g13/hp crosses I have grown.

    PeakseedsBC's Skunk Berry also has great anti depressant/anti anxiety qualities for me - one of my all time favorites.
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