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Buying new bong spending up to $1500

Discussion in 'Bongs, Dab Rigs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by goodtimes91, Dec 27, 2012.

  1. I am in the market for a new piece to my collection. Am looking for suggestions and input of what others might have on other glass. I am however, looking for a great piece - I am currently set on the Sovereignty Peyote Pillar but as you can see am open to others...prefer scientific glass if it helps.

    Comments, suggestions, and advice welcome...negative attitudes not.

    Thank you and cheers to the new years!:bongin::gc_rocks:
  2. I mean if I was going to spend that much on a piece I would get an ElksThatRun, he is the most original blower out there right now IMO

  3. Are you talking about his bubblers?

    Anything in particular?
  4. Dam 1.5k nice . Ima post some when I get on comp
  5. Peyote pillar and a salt slide is what i would purchase.
  6. ^That's exactly what I was thinking
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    I mean just look at his facebook dude, everything is so fucking sick.
    he doesn't have the most advanced diffusion, but damn you can't beat that artwork, which is personally what I would be looking for at that price point
  8. That is amazing - I love the second do I contact him, via FB?
  9. I am going to go grab a bite to eat real quick, I will be right back..
  10. Yeh I think so. I
    If you tell him dreamtheater sent you....well nothing will happen because I can't afford his day though I'll have my ETR and cherish that shit fo life:cool:
    get whatever you're vibing with though bro, when you're spending 4 figures whatever you get should be tits
  11. Okay I am back...any more?

  12. Well I am not pulling the trigger until I get that 'I need that' feeling haha so just checking it all out!

    Thanks again!
  13. EFS does some really solid work, and he does do custom artwork (wigwags, sandblasting). His prices are really good, you could get a double chamber with both percs gridded with sick work on it and still have money to spare.
  14. I would be too scared to even get stoned with a $1,500 bong. Imagine watching that thing tip over..

  15. Do you have any examples by chance?

  16. Not to jynx myself by to date (8 years) I have only broken one piece of glass which was a 85$ ash catcher *phew*
  17. man, i've broken a bit of glass. eh, whatever. i'm a klutz.
  18. You could buy a nice piece for under 500, and save the rest of the money for lots and lots of weed.
  19. If you go Google and type in EFS glass, I think it is the first or second link at or some shit. After that scroll down to "tubes" and he has a lot of his work posted.
  20. Great advise here. Or take that $1,000 and invest in a nice grow op.

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