Buying new Bong Need help!!

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    So Im looking for a new bong and have found a few I liked. I just need help picking one. - Regular price: $270.00 On Sale Price $110 - Info: 7mm thick Heavy wall glass. Has Spiral crystal on top of perk and ice daggers. 22 inch tall 14mm glass on glass bowl -Regular price: $220.00 On Sale Price $90 - Info: 18 inch tall single perc 14mm Glass on glass - Regular price: $285.00 On Sale Price $120 - Info:
    Very detailed piece from Torched Studios. Diffussed perk has sculpted skull perched on top. 14mm glass on glass. 22inch tall 7mm thick boro glass.
  2. I personally think the first one is the best.
  3. i know this isnt what you want to hear, i'm just helping out.

    those are all shitty china glass and will drag and likely shatter inside 2 months.

    youd be much better off with a piece that has no perc.
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    Im sorry but you know nothing about glass, and if u actually looked at the pics you could tell there thick.
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    i just fucking laughed out loud.

    I know enough about glass to know that these tubes barely even qualify for glass-on-glass. They have fucking rubber grommets
    I know enough about glass to know that those domes are either made by an amateur artist, or in china (likely the latter) and will drag like a motherfucker.
    I know enough about glass to see how much those beakers thin out and the design flaw that will make them likely to tip over.
    I know enough about glass to see that basic fuming and lack of any sort of heady work.
    I know enough about glass to know that PERKY isn't known as a high-end artist.
    I know enough about glass to have purchased a Soverignty.
    I also know enough about glass to know that my soverignty will be smoother, flow better, have less drag, and more aesthetic appeal than any of these pieces of shit.

    You, on the other hand, think that you know about glass because the pieces "look thick"

    BTW Those look like 5mm at the mouthpiece, 3.2mm neck that thins out to around 2.5mm at the beaker.

    and also
    *They're thick.
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    I'm sorry sir you know nothing about common sense. Common sense tells me I can't tell how thick that glass is because its a picture and you have nothing to base your thickness off of.

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    Why do asshats always do this? I mean comeon all i asked for was which one to pick not drama kids........

    dude read the info 7mm thick, i wonder why i even post INFO right next to the pic..... And try to use zoom it helps alot.

    Yay a Flamer/Troll Nice! Heres a Tip buddy. Theres a function called zoom, learn to use it. Cause if you Knew everything you must be a Muther fuking genius! But alas your not!

    Well lets ponder the first thing you said that they have rubber grommets.... Again zoom would have helped you alot, because they have no rubber grommets all glass on glass.

    Now for the second, You cannot see how well they drag from just a picture. Ever heard of never judge a book by its cover?

    And learn to read the info next to the pic link. THere all 7mm Boro glass.

    Im just gonna ignore the rest cause at the end your just leading up to how great ur bong is compared to everything else. So buddy dont come to threads talking bullshit.

    And plus Im not really worried about thickness since i dont drop my pipes...... Quit breaking my balls damn.

  8. First, when you use the zoom function, which doesn't zoom very much at all, you can clearly see a black outline around where the stem meets the bong; do you know what that means? Rubber grommet. Just because it has a glass bowl doesn't make it a GonG. Second, its a general assumption that bongs with rubber joints drag, and quite frankly, I've never smoked a rubber joint bong that didnt drag like mother fucker.
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    Hmmm im not sure how good ur zoom function is but mines got 400%. The one i believe ur speaking of the $90 one? Well if u zoom far enough u can see that the black thing is actually reflecting glass and you can see the color design on it plus theres the black background... Also The site i got those pics From Clearly States that all those are GLASS ON GLASS no rubber.... So i dont understand why everyone keeps saying they see rubber when Info next to link states the truth...
  10. links for the pics didn't work for me

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