Buying New Bong. Need Help.

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  1. Hey guys, I've recently decided I want a new bong as I'm still using my first one and it's not the best. This is it.

    In Australia it's common to have a metal stem and cone piece. I want to move away from this setup as from what I have read, glass on glass is much better.
    I've been looking for a new bong and I have found this one.

    I like it because it's under $100, looks cool, can use ice if I want to try that and is my favourite colour. But I have a few questions.
    1. Do I need to buy a cone piece for this or does it come with one? This "Complete with a large black rim SG 14 Roll-Stop' bowl" suggests I don't need to, but I'm still unsure.
    2. In the description SG14, 18 and 19 are all mentioned. What size does it actually use? It's all very confusing and overwhelming still.
    3. Does this look like a good bong? I know it's not amazing, but I'm assuming it would be heavenly compared to the one I have now. If you want, recommend something else for $100 or under from that website if you think it's better.
    4. If it does come with a cone, should I buy another anyway incase I break one? If you think I should please link one from the website and I'll get one of those too.
    Any other information you might feel needs to be added would be great also. I want to learn as much as I can and hopefully start a collection one day.

  2. 1.) It says it comes with a bowl, so you should be good.

    2.) I think it means the joint for the downstem is 18/19 while the bowl is 14mm.

    3.) As you said, its glass on glass, which imo is better than metal or rubber grommets and all that bullshit. So that's what's important to me. I don't have any experience with this brand, but for 100 bucks you shouldn't be too disappointed. It should be a good beginners piece. Just be careful handling it, the tree perc and the joint will be your weak points.

    4.) Yes I would get another bowl just in case. That way if it breaks or if your cleaning one, you always have a back up. And you should be able to find 14mm bowls anywhere
  3. Thanks for your help. I'll order this one soon then and an extra cone. Once I'm comfortable with it I'll be back here to ask about ash catchers / pre coolers :p

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