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Buying my first pipe tomorrow!!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by stonervap, May 12, 2011.

  1. So I'm buying my first pipe tomorrow and I'm curious about a few things. Is 15$ too much for a glass pipe about 6 in. long? Any tips or suggestions
  2. Not really if you're paying someone to drive and go in to get it. The extra 5 is probly just to cover gas/the bitch of the person actually getting off their ass to get it for you.

    Unless you're 18 and getting it yourself, then yea its too much.
  3. too little

  4. Follow your heart.
  5. Don't forget to bring a towel.

  6. hahhahahahahahahahaahah:smoke:
  7. $15 for a glass pipe seems like a pretty solid price, especially being that it's 6 inches. It could be (but most likely isn't) an insane heady piece, so you can't really judge. But for a first pipe you can't really go wrong.
  8. I payed 20 for my first pipe and it was a peice of shit. But it did the job and I wasn't complaining
  9. 15 bucks for a 6 inch piece is one that will break easily. a decent 4 inch spoon that is thick will cost 20-40 bucks
  10. I got a glass pipe for 10 bucks, works like a charm. But i think it might be smaller than 6 in. but I'm not sure that reallly matters.
  11. itll smoke, but i bet the first time you drop it it'll shatter into a million pieaces. Make sure its thick glass. I paid $30 for my little pipe, it's like 4in but i can drop it from my roof onto pavment and i bet it'll barly chip.
  12. a 6in piece thats $15 probably isnt good quality...i got a 3.5in for $10

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