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buying my first ounce?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by zmanzach10, May 13, 2010.

  1. hey im like terrible with like ammounts of weed and stuff, and i cannot buy a scale, long story but im just unable to buy one, so how much is an ounce in like one bag? like how do you eyeball it and see if you got a good deal or not? im getting like high mids too, could anyone post advice/pictures plz :smoking:
  2. How can you not buy a scale? But anyways an ounce could be a ton of different sizes due to density so it's hard to tell by just eyeballing it.
  3. Use a scale. It's usually hard to tell by just eyeballing it since it can either be fluffy or really dense.
  4. tell your dealer to scale it infront of you, if he says na
    tell him to fuck off
  5. it'll be like 3 fingers in a sandwhich bag if it's not flat.

    But why bother figuring out how to eyeball it... someone weighed it out, be in the room when that happens.

  6. You really can't eyeball it, like Shasta said, it can be way dense or really fluffy and that will throw your "eyeballing" way off. You should really invest in a scale if you are going to buying anything over a g I'd say. Even if you are buying just a g,its always nice to be able to weigh your shit out and know for sure that you aren't getting ripped off.
    In short, get a scale. or borrow a friends.
  7. Its hard to eyeball an ounce unless you get the same herb over and over. It all depends on how thick the buds are how dry the buds are. How big are the stems etc Only way to know for sure is a scale best thing to compare an ounce to weight wise is a full bic there pretty similar dont know how percise it is lol.
  8. unable to buy a scale? sounds suspiciously underage
  9. #9 spikeystud88, May 13, 2010
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    Buy a scale or delete this fucking thread. We cannot give you any magical tips that will make 100% you get an oz of bud. You cant eyeball that shit, because like 10 other people have said you have no idea how dense it is. What if it's some supppper fluffy shit, and there's like 15 nugs in the bag. You gonna just take it and ASSUME it's an oz because there are so many nugs? And then you home and find outeach nug weighs less than a G, meaning the whole bag is like 1/2 an oz? Nope.

    If you're going to spend 300+ fucking dollars on (what you hope is) an oz of weed, wouldn't a $20 scale be a worthwhile? It's the difference between getting raped and knowing 100% for sure that you got the right amount.

    Before I ever did my first pick-up I bought a $20 scale. Since then, I've only picked up without it once. Guess what? That one time I didn't have scale I got fucked over and lost close to $50 on the deal. Lesson learned, use a god damn scale.

    I'm so sick of threads like this, FUCK.
  10. It's called a zip because it fills up a ziplock sandwhich bag. You should get a scale for a big deal like this though.
  11. Honestly I don't think your even rdy for an ounce, lol. If you can thrown own 100 dollars for an ounce than you can surely get a scale... There like 5 bucks off amazon man, come onnnn.
  12. ^^ well said.
    My life right there lmao :eek:
  13. buy a scale cheapskate, if you cant buy one then fuckin steal one
  14. Ounces are like 28 grams.
    So ask him to weigh it.
  15. Yes, you should get a scale.

    But seems you already knew this would be the best option...

    So if you can't get your own scale, ask the dealer if he can weigh it out?

    just be like "Hey man I forgot my scale, mind if you scale it for me?"

    An Oz is also called a "zip"--this is because it is usually close to a full ziplock bag.
    So if all fails, if it is close to filling the entire ziplock bag then you are probably safe.
    But a few grams is a lot of smoke but you won't be able to tell if you are missing a few grams when you are buying in larger amounts...
    So be wise and get a cheap 10$-20$ scale.
    Hell go to walmart and get a scale--people use them to weigh food and stuff. They don't solely exist for weed haha.

  16. 28.6
    Should ask for the .6, thats a whole bowl man! :D
    I dont really take into account the .6 when i pick up a zip, if its 28.6 thats totally bomb, if its 28.0, im happy i got what i paid for

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