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Buying my first half ounce

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by x8rUn0x, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. So I got a bit of money that i can splurge and spend on some green. I can get a half ounce of good mids for $85. This is the only hookup i have right now, although I havent done much looking around. If you get 14 grams of one strain doesnt that get boring after a while? Will you still get as high?

    Also, do you reccomend getting from someone who then gets from a dealer? Like a middleman.
  2. dont smoke it all in one place
  3. 85 for a half of mids... damn.... mine is like 50-60.. keep looking

    and there isn't really a "strain" of mids.. and smoking one strain over and over doesn't matter... for themost part
  4. That's definitely a lot of money for a half. I get mine for around 50.
  5. Dude, 85$ for good mids is a great price. It's all location and who you know...and that sounds pretty solid. I'd say cop a scale first though.....
  6. I wouldnt necesarily call it getting bored of the same weed but yea since its the same weed with the same unique cannabinoid makeup you will know how the effect will be more ore less each time. As appose to smoking a different strain and being taken by surprise each time. Your body adapts to the same shit after a while and its easier to build a tolerance. Its only a half ounce though i could see if you were gunna buy like a quarter pound or somthing.. DOnt think it will matter too much by the time your done with it and get another pickup.
    ps i used to pay 100 per half back wen i used the mids so eh that price seems alright
  7. damn mids for 85? anyway buy a 10 smoke it and if its good cop some more simple as that
  8. alright and what do you think about the middle man thing? I'm not going directly to the dealer.

    Also i'm from reading, pa and prices are pretty high
  9. middle men tend to have picky fingers.

    as in they like to take a little of everything, if you can id just go straight to the sceezer.

    aka dealers
  10. hes probly the one overpricing you for the 14... go to the dealer yourself
  11. the price is good. Get that shit. And no, it wont get boring. Your body might become more used to it, and you may have to smoke more to get high. But other than that having weight is great. Youll have bud always.
  12. That is pretty expensive for mids, when I used to get mids it was like $35-$40 a half O.
  13. That's a wicked decent price... I don't think that's enough to get bored of it though.
  14. yea it's good to get a different strain as much as possible. also don't go through a middle man unless yuou absolutely have to cause the middle man usually ends up pinching a bit :smoke:
  15. This middle man might be buying a zip and getting all his money back.
  16. The price sounds okay but it depends on your location. I would definitely pay that much for the half. Also bring a scale with you. It's almost impossible to accurately eye out a half so it's good to have to check that it is the right amount.
  17. The MM is definatly putting the price up a little (or a lot), if that's all you got grab it but PA def has better deals than that
  18. omfg im from pottstown. getting half o for 70 tomorrow:)
  19. i get my ounces for 125 for mids
  20. i wouldnt say the high from the weed gets boring. But you know what its guna be like before you smoke it. More like anticipated highs than boring highs. But hey, a good high is a good high. To me it doesnt matter if it was the first time i got that "type" of high that week, or the 20th. It's still a good high.

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