Buying my first car.

Discussion in 'General' started by Vicious, Dec 20, 2007.

  1. I'll be getting my whip in April, and I have no clue what to get. I'll be getting 17k. 2k-4k goes into growing equipment, and ill probably spend 1k on clothes and video games and other cool stuff, maybe an HDTV.

    So that'll leave me with 12k-15k. I would love to throw down <5k and finance the rest but with no credit I don't think that would work. That would save me enough to move out and buy other cool stuff, but I need a car so I would happily drop the rest since the grow is its own investment. Maybe I can get a co-signer?

    I don't know too much about cars, so I need some ideas, right now it's between a couple, please talk full shit and or praise the car, rip it apart, someone always has something shitty to say about a car so I want to hear it and why, and what you would go with.

    I'm looking for speed and class.

    If I can finance I'd like an
    05+ G35
    IS350 (pushing it)
    or a Merc C-Class (also pushing it)

    If not

    I've seen some nice Supras (93-98) in the 13k-20k range. From 30k miles to 140k. Theres two 30-50k T's, most the TT's are 90-140k, and the non-t's I don't really care about since I probably dont have the cash to put into the engine yet.

    Theres also some nice RX-7's (93+ I don't like the older ones) for 7k-15k, which will leave me a little cash to put into sound or body, but a lot of them already have kits, but also have 60k-140k miles, which I heard the Rotary goes bad around 70k, and I don't feel like rebuilding an engine.

    Next would be a nice little M3 (<99) which is 10k-15k, ah, I'd kill for an E36.

    Then Infiniti G35 couple, like to have an 05+ because of the higher HP, but they're too expensive, theres 03-05 for 14k-19k. The american skyline, I just don't like how it's like the 350z and its steering?

    Those are my tops right now, then it would probably go to Audi TT, 300zx, 240sx, 3000gt, GTO

    I'm going for speed peeps.
  2. or just get an accord coupe. save madd money and on insurance. and save the rest of the money for something else. nice cars are cool and all, until you get into an accident esp with florida no-fault. jus my 2-cents

    g6-gxp ? older s4 ?
  3. I'd go with the 240sx or 300zx first if I wanted an older car.
  4. get a '98 jetta glx
  5. look into some Mitsu Eclipses or an Eagle talon, 95-99 models. They usualy go arond 2500-3500, so you could spend the rest modding the fuck out of it.
  6. I'd go with the 3000gt before the eclipse personally, they're only a couple g's more.

    I'd happily take an STi or EVO too.
  7. might wanna look into a lexus? or some of the bmws haul fucking ass.
    but lexus is niiice and fast, my sister has an 04 and im in love with it.
  8. I loooove the new Lexus IS350. Haven't really looked into the IS300's but im bout to now. Beamer wise, the M3 is on my choice list.
  9. my buddy just got a Lincoln LS for 12,000 really nice car
  10. If you got a 2000-2003 Lexus IS300 with low miles and put a turbo in it I'd be pretty fuckin jealous. Just saying. That supra engine pwns shit with a turbo kit ;] Def go that route before the STI/evo thing. Makin your car fast your own way is the best way. Not that STIs/evos arent great cars or anything, Im just saying.
  11. EEWWWWWW that car looks like a piece of shit! Sorry no offense but I am just not a fan of Lincolins.
  12. I'd get pulled over so much in that beast. For a Lux i'll go with the lex IS or the M3, I'm really looking for speed/lux or straight sport. Possibly a bawlin SUV but thats not really me. There will be a lot of racing going down, which is weird cause everyone here goes mudding.
  13. someone is just gonna hand you 17 grand and not ask questions about where it is going?
  14. it's already in the bank, I just can't touch it yet.
  15. Please don't tell me that the money was meant for your education or something else like that and you decided that it would be better spent this way.

    That Supra's pretty nice. 89k miles, though.
  16. not at all. Plus i'd get a student loan for that.

    Originally it was going to be 10k saved for house payment, 3k-5k for grow, then HDTV, New comp, and video games.
  17. bro I know this sounds kinda weak, but you should save around 30% of that money and put 15% in the bank and invest the other 15%. Just a suggestion.

    As for the car, I would get something reliable and good on gas. Lol, I sound like an old man... I actually have a 2000 Maxima sport edition and I love that car... I got it for 10k with like 80k miles on it. I spent almost a grand for a nice system with an ipod hookup and I can honestly say that's all I need in a car... just a little bump.
  18. If you want speed, dont get the Lexus or the M3, I smoke em all day long :D. I'd say get an STi or an EVO. You could find an 03-05 Evo for a good price but insurance is very high. If you could get your hands on a Supra, go with that. Honda s2000's are amazing cars, they have the reliability of a Honda (will never break down) and they put out the most naturally aspirated horsepower per litre of any production car on the market, they handle amazing and are have a very good look. G35's and 350Z's are also very nice. Same car basically. The G is more luxurious and has a back seat, but the Z kills the G in looks. Also, the RSX Type S is a great car. Honda reliability and with just bolt on mods and a tune, it will spank STi's, Evos, 350's, etc.

    Just naming a few I would reccomend

    The engine in the supra is for sure the strongest but as long as you have a japanese car, theres really nothing to worry about when it comes to reliability. I've driven and worked on every one of the cars and some of the engines, drivetrains, suspension, etc., that you listed and I can provide you with quite a bit more info on each of them if you please, just PM me.
  19. Yeah the s2000's are great, id love to have one.... Thats probably what im gonna buy once i turn my gti in. G35's are hot shit too, i love them. 350z as well.

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