Buying my first bong. Need advice

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  1. Hey guys. I am planning on buying this bong: Medium Glass Bong

    Now I see that there is a hole on the side of it. Why does it have that? And also, this bong is about $20 in American dollars. Is it worth the price?
  2. Give some thought to cleaning even transportation

    We all like to flip out our meter long Roors and blow our buddies away

    but in truth many are a bitch to clean, move and store

    with an average lifespan of 12-18 months

    good luck

    ps your looks good!
  3. That's good for 20 bucks.
    Don't spend too much on your first anyways.
  4. Yes, but do you know what the hole on the side of the bong is for?
  5. Ah, that hole is a carb, usually found on pipes

    Don't get it, bongs with carbs are stupid.
  6. Agreed. Pulling out the slide supercedes any need for a carb hole. Doesn't make any sense to have one. Still for $20, that's not a bad deal when your LHS will probably charge you $30 for an acrylic POS
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  7. And you could always plug it with a neat sticker.
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  8. what is a carb hole for anyway? Sorry, I am new to this. I only smoked a bong once at a party, and it didn't have a carb hole. I only smoke joints
  9. You put your finger on the hole while smoking, and to clear the smoke, you let get go of the hole.

    Great for pipes, shitty on bongs.
  10. dude i know you might be short but with like 15 more bucks you can get some better bongs from dh gate or whatever
  11. also carb hole bongs suck. get one that has a removable downstem/ bowl
  12. Not understanding why everybody is hating carbholes, why is just releasing hole wrose than ejecting bowl? for me it seems to be much more easier and comfy, i have a carb-hole stopper on my bong, but i never use it.
  13. I'm 6 foot..
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  14. so? lmao
  15. you cant clear a carb hole bong unless you pull all the weed trough. it just kinda sucks to have no control over the smoke. especially like me i smoke bong in my room with my parents in theirs. i need to clear all the smoke in one hit always
  16. I always finish hit in one breath, but i still disagree for not being able to do it in many. if you would not be able to clear it without smoking it all, what would be the point of it? just release the damn hole, of course if you drag hardcore, there may be some smoke still coming, otherwise, all the air u take goes through carb hole, not downstem, since it is easier for air to get in from there.
  17. theres definetely a way to use carbhole bongs but its probably easier to learn on a modern bong. if OP gets something that is 18.8 or 14mm he can add some shit on or replace broken downstems and stuff too. i remember clearing carbhole water bottle bongs and it was difficult man.
  18. My first bing had a hole it sucked because when I accidentally filled it up too much water would spill everywhere
  19. I got a nice bong off amazon for like 30 bucks

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