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Buying medical marijuana in MI with a CA card/recommendation?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by plsfoldthx, May 15, 2011.

  1. Can I use my CA medical marijuana card or doctor's recommendation to buy medical marijuana in Michigan?
  2. won't work i tried to go to a cannabis club in Hawaii, and they would not sell me meds, but when i was in Nevada i got pulled over, just past the casino's in tahoe on the nevada side and got pulled over and i had 4 oz of bubble hash and 4 oz of a few different strains, we had 6 people in a 4 person car, open bottles, they were tripping about the weed showed them my medical card told them i was on vacation for a week and they let me go.
  3. Our law says you are legal if you have a card from another state.

    The problem is that leo has been using fake mmj cards to bust people with.

    So when a card shows up from another state .. paranoia strikes deep.
  4. Well, NORML did not help. But...

    [SIZE=-1] Question: I am a valid medical marihuana patient under another state's law. Am I protected?
    Answer: Yes, under Section 4(j) of the MMMA, a registry identification card or its equivalent issued by another state government to permit the medical use of marihuana by a qualifying patient or to permit a person to assist with a qualify patient's medical use of marihuana has the same force and effect as a registry identification card issued by the Department.,1607,7-154-27417_51869_52140---,00.html


    Thanks everyone
  5. I said Michigan, not Hawaii
  6. Definitely check out Ann Arbor or Lansing. Great stuff there bud

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