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Buying in Rome- Questions

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kryptiq, May 24, 2010.

  1. I will in be in Rome for all of July and was wondering if anyone knows just how safe it is to buy bud there, and if it's hard to find quality stuff. I have been searching around but most of what I've found is from 1999-2003 and I would like a more recent opinion from someone.

    Also wouls it be safe to throw a roller and papers in my backpack(carry on) or my check in? Just purchased the one below and it'd be nice to avoid hand rolling since I haven't done that in a long long time.

    Thank you for your time! :smoke:

    Kingsize Futurola Rolling Machine - Dutch -
  2. I dont know about the other shit but I cant tell u right now as long as u dont have bud with you ur fine with the papers/roller why wouldnt it be? u roll ur own ciggs dont u ? ;)
  3. Sure as hell do :rolleyes:

    Thanks for the reply, as for the purchasing part I've read that in parts of Rome they dont care, yet I've heard from people I don't know too well that there are a lot of undercover operations.

  4. I think its decriminalized there?:confused_2:
  5. i was in Florence and Bologna, and people are way chill in Italy regarding weed....i actually got some really good hash from the girl i was staying with....i wouldn't put anything on you (pipe or papers) cause that will give them a reason to search all your will find pipes there for cheap and some really amazing ones too....don't take anything with you....get it all while there....the cities are soooo amazing blazed!!! good luck!! :smoke:
  6. Thanks for the advice, I do smoke cigs occasionally and spoke to a friend of mine about this so I will be rolling some cigs and bringing my own with me if possible that will alleviate suspicion regarding the papers/roller just so I have something to use upon arrival in addition to seeking out a small glass piece during my stay.

    As for buying there thank you, will definitely pick some quality stuff up before hitting the Amalfi Coast. Also might be fun to watch Gladiator high and then visit the Colosseum :smoking:
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    I'm in the exact same situation, just got into Rome a few hours ago and I'm looking for some bud but we obviously don't know anyone here. Will pickup a pipe and papers tomorrow but any suggestions? Where you heading for yours? I'm Actually a few blocks from the termini and could any advice, like you said there is NOTHING recent out there about bud in Rome.
  8. Any legitimate advice or help is appreciated :smoke::hello:
  9. Somebody throw a blade a line
  10. I was told to walk around Campo dei Fiori "or try places with punk or rap shows like the Villaggio Globale, or the Forte Prenestino". I wouldn't ask in the Termini station, heard people there are shady as can be and sell hardcore drugs.

    if you have any luck lemme know =P
  11. Yeah thanks man I've read mostly sketchy info mostly like that too, nothing really recent or reliable. Oh well we'll see how it goes today
  12. Rome is really big on it's hash dude, but either way its a beautiful city blazed or not, hope you have fun
  13. 7 years later when she said she was returning that summer?
  14. Can you two not read a date on a thread? OP is 8 years old man.

  15. hook ups are against the rules.

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