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Buying in quantity

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ILoveBongRips, Sep 16, 2009.

  1. So later this week im going to be buying an ounce for the first time. To this day, ive never bought more that a quad at once and im finally going to step it up. So is there anything that i should look out for when buy an o?
    Thanks guys.
  2. Have a scale with you. Ask for a price break. I find people try to short you on large amount more so then Quarter.
  3. id cosign o dat, round my way its common to be shorted by as much as an 1/8 wen buyin an o, usein scales is the only sure fire way u aint gonna get had.
  4. The most important thing?

    Resist the temptation to, smoke blunts to your dome every night of the week. Be smart with you're bud and make it last. When people first start buying weight they wanna blaze everyone out and give all their buddies good deals for 10 bucks, and pack endless bowls in the bong...

    Which is a party of a time, it's fun and all. But I think you'll find the ghanja more enjoyable as a steady reserve where you can re-up your sack in your bedroom instead of at your dealers house.

  5. Amen! Yeah i hear ya guys. Ill bring a scale with me for sure. Im buying from one of my buddies but ill double check just in case.

  6. I wanted to follow up on what Mocha Bo said: This happens really easy and it takes will power not to smoke stupid amounts. I keep bud, it is very rare if you see me with out smoke. The best advice I can give you is this. Buy the O take a quarter out when you first get the sack. Save that quarter in the fridge in a mason jar. I like to break my O in to 5 gram sack and then I smoke a sack a week, (4x5 is 20grams minus the 8 grams in the fridge equals an OZ) Once the month is up and I have smoked my 4 5 gram sacks I call dude up so I can buy some more. If buy chance he is out of town or is re upping and it will be a few days I have the quarter in the fridge to hold me down. When I get a new O i move the quarter from the fridge to front line rotation. I smoke it and then I repeat the process. This keeps you with bud if your a daily smoker.
  7. Yeah sounds like a good idea. Ill prob end up doing that. Thanks dude.
  8. Yeah, the best advice I could give you is to conserve it and now just blaze the hell out of it. Where are you in Chicago btw? Its nice to meet fellow Illinoisans haha.
  9. I go to school in the south loop and live right across from Grant Park
  10. im right by you, and got that kushh
  11. ^^^ This is very good advise. When i first started buying zips, i would be out of smoke in like a week cause i was so careless.:(

    I love stashing a quarter or so away and forgetting about it, then when you are out of bud, and you remember you still have 7 swweeettt grams left to smoke, u will be happy :smoking:
  12. Where you at?
  13. @Op Heres a Guide that will help you out when buying Bud Read it Over thoroughly.

    Guide- Buying Marijuana
  14. Like hatchplzhelp mentioned, setting aside some from an oz is a great idea, I only get ounces and sometimes even get 2 or a qp. Everytime I grab I always set aside 1/3 of it in a side stash.

    I've been doing this for nearly a year now and I'm nearly up to a pound in just side hauls. My dealer is also one of my best friends so I don't pay nearly as much and the bud is alright.
  15. Spoiler alert: this thread is from three years ago.

    But useful thread is useful, so it doesn't hurt for more people to see this.

    To those of you stepping up your game in anticipation of 4/20, don't let yourself be scammed or shorted or upsold this holiday season.

    Get a scale, and treat it like condoms. Make sure either you or your partner has one, make sure that they are actually using it, and make sure that it is being used properly. Safe sex, safe pick ups.
  16. well i see your in chicago so im gunna try to help you out alot.
    first off,ask to see it on scale before purchase.
    second you dont wanna buy an ounce from a new connect,only buy weight from trusted sources that you've used recently.
    third never front money on that much weight,if you cant see the product before purchase than dont buy it.
    fourth,have a secure place to meet,dont do a quick hand off in a taco bell gas station or in a parking lot.
    and finally if the situation feels sketch get outta there,an ounce is alot of money around Chicago(generally 300-350) so this is not an amount you wanna say "fuck it"with if it feels sketchy.

    oh yea and when buying oz's and up dont bring anything besides the money being used to buy the bud,and maybe your ID.and i always bring a trusted homie that i know will have my back if shit hits the fan.

    good luck with your purchase.

    EDIT:i really have to start looking at when threads are

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