Buying hydroponics, help.

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  1. For my first grow, I plan on buying that.

    I am worried though, cause I have read and heard on these forums and through people that the government likes to watch out for people who buy hydroponic equipment. This will also show up on my card that I'll be buying this and other things like light bulbs and a phmeter off the internet.

    Maybe im just being too paranoid, but is it really safe and legit to buy hydroponics offline?
  2. No one, including the DEA cares if you buy stuff from a hydro store. A few hydro stores have helped local police sting walk in growers in the past. But they have found it's a great way to go out of business quick (happy budda hydroponics). Police don't have the right to damand sales records from your credit card company or retail hydro store without a court order subpoena.

    Pick a hydro store that is out of state (to avoid any local police snoops) and one that is here to stay (like I use,, and best deals on earth for lights is (it's a yahoo store). I buy with my credit card and have it sent right to my front door.

    Local cops are the only ones who are going to bust a closet grower like yourself. The DEA could care less.The feds wont' see you as a threat until you start trafficing loads.

    What will get you busted is you flapp'n your lips, showing off, and that ex-girlfriend. If you need to show off and flap your lips (like me), then come on to grasscity and do it here! I can't help you with the girlfriend so watch out.

    That hydro system sucks. I feel you can do a better job making that same system yourself. My main issue with that system is the air pump (50% of the cost). Four plants will need more air, so get a good dual outlet pump and two sets of air stones.

    The only stuff you need to order from the hydro store is mesh pots, hydrotron pebbles, rockwool, nutrients, and lights if you don't have them.

    The other stuff you can buy at Homedepot/Lowes and a pet store. You can make the rubbermaid the right size to fit your grow area (they make a million sizes).

    That system has a great price tag $35, but junk is junk. You will end up tossing some of it out, and makeing the whole thing yourself in the long run.

    Peace, R.

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