Buying grow equipment online, is sketchy

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  1. I'm buying grow equipment online, and was originally going to get everything sent to my friends house. But its going to be sketchy when my friend receives like 20 packages, most of them in discreet boxes, with a fake name on them.

    People legitimately use this equipment for tomato's or whatever. Someone i live with last year bought some fertilizers, from a shop online dedicated to marijuana growing. She used them for her own plants (not mj), and didn't care because those were the fertilizers she needed.

    What should i do? Should i come up with a plan, or get everything except the seeds shipped to my house? I'm using a prepaid credit card so once i close it, I'm guessing the records disappear. If the equipment doesn't get inspected and then i close the card, they would never know i got it.

    I guess i could just tell my friend there boxes of Viagra, those come in discreet boxes too.
  2. yeah that seems like a reasonable amount of viagra, for the average user
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    I don't know, i can tell him I'm reselling them. Any other idea's?

    I'll buy a box of Viagra just to have a cover. Open up one box and show him.
  4. you can have the seeds sent to a PO box, maybe your friend's or your imaginary friend (lol). when you do that order several dozen so you can do your selection and inbreed the variety. with an open pollenation where the males are cut after a few weeks you can still get over %50 of the plants weight as fully potent bud and 3-5000 seeds to boot (unless you have a strain with sterile properties)
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    That's actually an awesome idea if i put the male in a chamber or something so it wouldn't spread pollen all over my room. Thanks man.

    But i still cant grow shit until i find a way to get all my equipment
  6. go to a nursery store and buy the gear there. Or purchase your shit on Ebay. Halide ballasts/light systems can be found cheaply from warehouse vendor's who just want the things gone. costs $40 for 1-2 k setup that way, amazing what you can turn up in the craigsiist
  7. I'm buying my things on eBay. Maybe i can get something off Craigslist, but i live in a rural area so picking it up from a hydro store or a nursery really isn't an option.

    I'm paying $160 for a 600w setup on eBay, i don't think i can get lucky enough to find anything cheaper. I guess ill just have to ship it to my house, or use my Viagra idea.
  8. Holy shit dude your Craigslist idea is amazing I'm finding tons of shit i was going to pay three times as much for.
    I don't know why but last time i searched there was nothing.
  9. How is it sketchy? Everything your purchasing is legal.. don't go boasting about growing it, and you'll be fine. Fans are legal, lights are legal, soil is legal, I'm not seeing your problem. "What chya got in there?" "I ordered a fan online"..doesn't seem to suspicious to me.
  10. Start by not being a paranoid little pussy. The mail man will be outside your house everyday smellin your plants.
  11. home depo. they stock a lot of what you can use. pick up your compost component on CL. 5 gallon buckets of EWC (vermicompost) can cost up to $50, but it will be loaded with goodness and can be mixed directly in with sphagnum peat (homedepo) and a few cups of plant-tone (homedepo), this makes your soil base, then just add some minerals like azomite and your air amendment like pumice (lava rock) or rice hulls. cost affordable, local, and recycle it. build your garden beds 18'' high to allow the different microbes to tier up.
  12. home depo online also sells high output t-5 fixtures. they sell halide/hps gear, buyer beware on craiglist a lot of faulty gear gets sold
  13. Never had an issue buying from craigslist. Check your gear or dont buy it.
  14. I have bought almost all my equipment off Craigslist or in Thrift stores (Im in Cali).Its crazy what you can find.Lots of failed grows out there that can be bought for pennies.
  15. Just send the crap to your house. The ups Guy does not care what you order.
  16. UPS = United Pot Smokers. Lol. Kidding
  17. I'm in Cali too. Most of the time the only things i find in thrift stores are clothes that smell like piss and old TV's. what kind of thrift stores do you go to?

    I found a lot of awesome things on Craigslist. I'm shipping everything else to my house unless someone says its a bad idea. I think it is, but i cant do much about it. My friend has a huge garden, he has banana trees and stuff, it was a great cover.
  18. I sent everything to my house and no one is knocking on my door. There is thousands and thousands of people doing this, as long as it's for personal use and you aren't ordering seeds like crazy or a ton at once you shouldn't get bothered.
  19. Yes we have a large outdoor garden and do alot of organic gardening great summer cover and grow indoor in winter.I was in Willits a week ago went to the local Thrift store and in the back found 2-400w ballasts,1-6"aircooled hood,and numerous pots...All my 6" aircooled hoods came from a Thrift store in Ukiah....I was at a local swap meet and bought a XXL hood,1000w metal halide ballast,homemade hood (ghetto),400w ballast,and numerous bulbs for $100 (and dude gave me a joint too)...just gotta keep your eyes open.
  20. i had a grow tent full kit sent to my house then the next day i had 60 seeds arrive at my house then i went and purchased soil and nutrients from a hydroponics shop it all went to the same address and the card is registered to my address, i have a few mates who shot grade and there the people the police want

    stop worrying dude keep growing and keep it a secret

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