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Buying Glass from GC?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by coalition17, Feb 27, 2012.

  1. I know this should belong in the Toking Tools section most likely but as always this thread has the most viewers :p
    I've been considering buy a piece from the GC store. They have a vast collection of.. *ahem* Water-Pipes. ;) and I've had my eye on one for a while.
    I live in Wilmington NC and was wondering how reliable their shipping is and the chances of me actually receiving the piece.
    Anyone bought from the store?
    Or should I just buy from the local headshop.
  2. You'll get it. Just be sure to hide it from the children you'll have in ten years when it gets to the door.

  3. Haha... So you're implying that shipping takes forever? Is that because customs is gonna nab it and make a big fuss over me ordering something that could be considered paraphernalia, or does it really just take decades? XD
  4. Exactly what I'm saying. Customs holds glass for fucking ever.

  5. Thanks for the input man.
    That settles it. As much as I'd like to support GC's store, I can't wait months to receive my items. To the headshop it is!
  6. It's not quite months but you'll wait AT LEAST two-three weeks. But it does support this awesome site so take that into account.
  7. Well with that in mind maybe I will buy from GC.
    As long as I will get my glass in the end. Are there instances where they'll confiscate that shit permanently?
  8. This has happened in the past, and I believe GC corrected the issue and sent replacements. It is very rare.
  9. i just got an awesome pipe and it shipped in perfect condition in 15 days, and it came with a free pack of metal screens. i would absolutely recommend this place.
  10. I can safely say that there's a 99.9% chance you'll get your product. The wait is longer but it's guaranteed to be good quality and you'll get it for sure. Plus GC is the reason we're all here so there's that. If you don't mind me asking, what are you thinking of buying?
  11. you will get your bong if your order it from GC, give it a couple weeks to make it to your home, you wont regret it gc has tons of great pieces to choose from
  12. I dont buy anything from grasscity because there not in the usa so i dont really support the shop. but i have found a nice place to order from located in the usa good shipping good prices fast shipping quality glass what more could one ask for.

  13. Blaze Glass - Premium 6-arm Perc Cylinder Ice Bong - Blue -

    I've got my eye on that one currently.
    Honestly, even as someone who's smoked for 4+ years, I STILL don't know what all can be done/added to a bong.
    But that Blaze bong is just a beaut' to me. The blue is so appealing to my eye. However it's only 5mm thick which seems likeit might be a bit thin, making it fragile. Maybe you guys could make some suggestions?:hello:

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