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  1. Any SoCal fellas or bettys who bought from the vault? If so how long did it take to arrive? What are the chances of the package being destroyed/confiscated?
  2. Can anyone recommend me a place on where to get a money order that is accepted by the vault??
  3. Email them They have great customer service.
    I went and got a disposable visa, and the seeds came in about 6 - 7 days
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  4. I've had great luck with the vault, in 2 buys I spent over 500 dollars in seeds. They all got here with no problems, and have an excellent germ rate across multiple breeders (gdp from san jose, professor paul from pacific northwest, and sensi). They had the fastest shipping and best customer service and email communication of any online seedbank I've used so far. My seeds came into the country through port of san francisco, same as yours will. no problems there. I can confidently recommend the vault, your only better option would be to purchase seeds through a local dispensary.
  5. I can agree with their customer service, I sent them an email the other day about my concerns with my payment and Jack answered them respectfully and pretty fast. Just waiting on them to recieve my payment. I spent a little over $100 for my first order, hopefully they all get here with no problems. I haven't seen any shops that sell seeds, have any spots you mind sharing? (Through message)
  6. I've only bought seeds from dispensaries in the bay area, but generally more serious medical establishments (like harborside health center and sf patient and resource center in the bay area) are likely to sell seeds from local breeders and growers. I'm certain I've also seen seeds for sale in some clubs in san diego, selection at dispensaries is generally limited because small time breeders tend to run just a few strains at a time, and the seeds are much less likely to be feminized. seems like its not practical for small breeders to make fems while still working with those genetics. In my experience non profit dispensaries and any dispensary that also offers medical services like massage, acupuncture or meditation classes will probably sell seeds. dispensaries in it to make a profit won't be selling seeds or teaching grow classes.
  7. did you end up paying with a money order? if so, how? I want to use the vault for my first grow and thought I could just use a postal money order and pay w/ cash but I guess you can't. Is there a service I should use?
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    apparently they accept int'l postal money orders, just emailed jack. he responded quick and professionally
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  9. The Vault is a beautiful company. Their customer service is amazing.

    I wouldn't have any concerns over them being sketchy. I had a issue with my order (very small) and they fixed it by the end of the day.

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  10. The vault is A1, just order seeds last week. They arrived in 8 days, and their stealth shipping is awesome.
  11. Couldn't agree more, their customer service is great! I emailed them with all my concerns and questions and they responded fast. They didnt have any of the Nothern Lights I had ordered but Jack was kind enough to replace them with some Northern Soul, all my other seeds seemed to be in stock and on their way.
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  12. I got my beans from The Vault in 8 days total to the midwest thru Chicago. Fast and discreet .I jumped on the 420 sale from them yesterday as well.
  13. They said they'll have my tracking number yesterday, but yesterday jack said they'll have it today. I emailed Jack like 10-11 hrs ago about my order number. Still no reply, not that concerned but I would like to know where's my order.
  14. They are 5 hours ahead of EST, so at this time your about 6 hrs from now for the shop to open if it does at 8am, Jack was awesome about getitng me my tracking # last time took about 24hrs though.
    My beans left on a Monday hit Chicago on Wednesday did not budge till sunday morning at like 4 am and hit my mailbox by noon Monday The tracking is a blessing and a curse as you wait/watch for it to crawl thru customs . You can find a bunch of scary stories about Chicago's customs issues ( theft/loss/delays etc) it will just drive ya crazy looking :)
  15. Yea I emailed Jack around 7 a.m, which is probably 1p.m over there. But today is 420, probably busy. Not worrying that much about it. It's been about 48 hours since they received my money order.
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  16. I wouldn't worry. I'm sure youre exactly right about it being a busy few days with this sale.

    I decided to order more as well. Couldn't pass up free product.

  17. I don't think Jack was in the office today...he had to run an event I think

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  18. I ordered on Monday and got my tracking today from George
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  19. I'm going to call tomorrow about mine

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  20. Yea, George sent me mine this morning as well
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