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Buying from the new guy?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Nyxierawr, Jan 21, 2014.

  1. There this new dealer in town and he had good shit for good prices.95$ an ounce or 5$ a g.I've smoked the stuff he sells and it's good.But it seems like he's trying to run everyone else who sells outta town. Is it okay to buy from him or should I stay with my old connects?A few of them are already complaining about him.
  2. Personally, I believe whoever has the better deals. I've been in both boats here and it never bothered me, if they have a better market then so be it. Definition of capitalism. However, I still frequently visit my original guys since they're friends of mine. 
  3. go with whos got the best product for the best price imo

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  4. Don't feel bad about buying from the new guy, if it's cheaper and still good quality than go with the new dealer.That's business
  5. True. I still plan on buying from my one friend anyway, he grows and his shit is always good and well priced
  6. Lol your other connects are pissed they cant compete with those prices.
    although, those prices are super cheap. is the bud any good or are we talking mids/bottom shelf here?
  7. No everyone starts having a price war. It's that Cheap because he's the one that grows it. It's not going to be bammer either. Yes start buying from him. He isn't going to run anyone out of town. Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  8. Well, unless those old dealers are your friends, or have stuff that's pretty good themselves, I would say just buy from this new guy. It's kind of cute actually, you're worried about 'cheating' haha. If you can't just not buy from your old people, mix it up. Make a nice little blend bag for yourself. Take like 100$ and buy an eighth from new guy, and a few dubs from your old people, just to mix it up.
    You kow this how?
    Just because he MIGHT grow it doesn't make it some dank.  Also, OP's new connect may be buying in serious bulk, whether in shwaggy mids or some fire.
  10. [quote name="DankHerbologist" post="19380724" timestamp="1390327838"]You kow this how?Just because he MIGHT grow it doesn't make it some dank. Also, OP's new connect may be buying in serious bulk, whether in shwaggy mids or some fire.[/quote]Never said it was dank Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  11. You said "It's not going to be bammer either." implying its dank
  12. I wouldn't worry about it too much homie. I used to buy from this dude who sold mids, but I've stopped buying from him ever since this new dude started working. If you weren't too close with your old connects, I wouldn't sweat about it.
  13. $95 for a oz of good ?! Definitely. He could have good prices but the real question is, is he reliable?! If any connect gives you shit tell them he's got the best prices. That will make them step their game up. But of course say it in a nice way you don't wanna loose connects lolSent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum

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