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    Don't do it. About 6 times out of 10, I'd say, you're gonna get jipped in some way. It may not be very much or even noticeable.. but they do it. Sorry, but I prefer receiving the amount of cannabis I paid for.

    Today, I was looking to buy an eighth of some chron.. but my usual dealer (whom I know on a very personal level) was out of town at a golf tournament all day. So me and some friends are chilling, and one of my friends mentions one of his guys that has "super dank regs" and "is legit". For some fucking God given reason, I believed him. So this guy only sells mids, which I could settle for.. I guess. I had $60 to spend on ganj for the day so I told my friend I wanted a half zone from him. He goes "Ugh, well, it's $65". Cool bro. I throw in 5 more bucks and call it good. I drive all the out to fucking la la land to this dude's apt. My friend gets the sack and brings it back to me. The weed itself was decent. Not good, not bad, just reggie reggies.. but pretty seedy. I knew it was definitely not a half ounce. It was pretty obvious. I go back to my place and weigh it out, and it ended up weighing 10.2

    This aggrivates me. Although its not a huge amount that he pinched, it's still stupid and pile of horse shit. This has happened to me numerous times.. buying from unknown people and getting shorted. It's just annoying. It's not something that I'm too worried about, life goes on.. and it's just weed. It's just one of my biggest pet peeves.

    In conclusion: Don't buy your marijuana from randies. :wave:
  2. well guess what i proved you wrong. today i met this kid and grabbed off him. didnt get jipped as a matter of fact it was bigger than the usual fin. BOOYAH

  3. that's how they get you to come back lol

  4. said 6 out of 10 times.

  5. yeah my last 3 pick ups of been from random ppl off the street. first bag was shaky, second and third bag have been reallll good deals with higher quality and more quantity than I would of got at normal prices.

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