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Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by ganjaguy420, Oct 21, 2002.

  1. i live in the US and am only 17. I dont have checks or credit cards, and was wondering how i could buy seeds without sending cash in an envilope and just hoping not to get ripped off. Is there anyway i can do it. I didnt know if i would have to be 18 to wire transfer money. i dunno. help me out...
  2. Well i ordered seeds with cash and got them no problem....just watch the company you use....Peace out...Sid
  3. seedsdirect accepts cash payments, read up on it in their FAQ
  4. whaaaaat?? i ordered from emeryseeds like 2 months ago and havent got SHIT.. whuts up with that? ne ideas? i posted a thread about it sumwheres....
  5. depends on your location......if you're in the states i think it's illegill to even own seeds, seemingly a lot get stopped by customs coming into the country.....not too sure about it, but it's a in the U.K. it's legal to own the seeds but ilegill to propegate as soon as the seed hits the dirt it's....."mums the word".....Peace out...Sid
  6. heh, good ol BC, i actually live in a hicktown in southern alberta.. right BESIDE BC.. so i dun see how it coulda got pinched by customs.. as it prolly aint that hard to get a relatively small order into a province RIGHT beside.. i dont see how it couldve taken THIS long.. well, maybe im just waaayy too impatient and my shits still comin?? i duno, i just think it got lost or sumfin, or else pinched..


    i hate this suspense..

  7. Try heavens stairway at They are a Canadian company and you shouldn't have a problem province to province.

    Emery seeds, their reputation floats from time to time. They have been known to take orders for strains they don't have and make you wait for months on end until their orders come in.
  8. heard some strang tales about seed companys, but twi i know to be good and reliable are seeds direct and Dr Chronics, both in the uk *link deleted by mod* not sure what the addy for the other seed bank is sorry.

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