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Discussion in 'General' started by buyascale, May 19, 2010.

  1. Hey i wasnt sure where to post this so i thought this was the best option. sorry in advance if i was wrong...
    I was hoping to purchase something off of GC for my first time. I read under the shipping information that it comes in an unmarked box. But i also searched the forums and read something about it coming with a card saying "tobacco pipe".. now my situation is: I currently live in a basement that has been made into an apartment unit. i rent it out from the people who live upstairs, so I assume they will see the box before me. the problem is, the wife of the man i rent from is "allergic to smoke". so its not only a non smoking apartment, the rules are, i am not even aloud to smoke period, because she says it will cause her to have a reaction when i come home... so even if it says "tobacco", it could be a problem.
    Could anybody who has bought from GC tell me what there package looked like when it came in?
  2. It's a plain brown box that just has the address on it. I ordered a bong so the box also had "fragile" stickers on it.

  3. thank you, exactly what i needed to know

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