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  1. i live in america and ive read things about peoples stuff being siezed and i just dnt want that to happen to me....has anyone in america purchased from gc?

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  2. Lots of people in America have purchased from GC. I've ordered from here twice myself and never had an issue.
    In all my time here, I've only heard about a couple people getting orders seized by customs. It happens, but it's not anywhere near common. 
  3. Well i live in fl and if u look it up theyre passing a glass bill.

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    As far as I can tell, that's a restriction on paraphernalia sales rather than purchases. Since Customs is federal rather than state-run, I assume you would be fine anyway, but don't take my word for it. :p 
  5. If FL had any shipping issues then GC would specify it can't be shipped there, JD is right! Place your order I am planning on ordering a concentrate tool myself.
  6. I've ordered from GC multiple times. Shipping can be a little slow, but usually takes exactly 14 days after purchase to get to my doorstep in the midwest.
    And it will be even faster if you order from the Made In the USA section. Not many bongs there, mostly color changing pipes and such but I got a chillum from that section and it took only a few days. :smoking: 
  8. Good to know, thank you!
  9. My biggest issue came from customs in NYC ( I'm in CA) they took one of my bongs I ordered for months and all I had to do was open a ticket and get in touch with GC shop team, they sent a replacement that got to me a week after they sent it. I think customs might have sent it back to them . That was my second GC purchase , the order before this went smooth as butter and I got the bong a week and a half after ordering. The shop team is really nice and approachable , they do care about their customers. Hope that helps :)
    I love the USA section it seems most of everything I like ships from there so it keeps me happy!
    Also doesn't go through customs if it's shipped from the US, so that might be an option for OP if he's looking for something like a pipe or bubbler instead of a cheap bong. :smoking: 
  12.  If it helps to set your mind at ease, I'm in the northeast US and had a package from GC make it through customs just earlier this month... a WS Jackson #1, and a concentrate dome and nail kit :)
     Here's a little of the Jackson in action :p
  13. Ive been lookn at all the ws on there ii really want one...

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  14. Why the black nitrile gloves?
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     It started off with finger print protection, but now it's just a habit and the style of my videos :) I'm usually in a lab coat and black gloves when I'm working with edibles and manicuring buds, so it was just natural on camera during my presentation at the Cannabis World Summit to do the same, and we've gone from there. :)
    BadKittySmiles World Summit Preview.. Medical Grade Canna Oil, Hash, Edibles, Cloning and more!

    BadKat's CannaPharm "The Cannabis World Summit Edition, Vol 1: Decarboxylation" by BadKittySmiles

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    I figured you were either trimming buds or doing something along those lines, you got some sick vids!
  17. I've ordered multiple times and always got my stuff.

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