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Buying from a new dealer

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by I-EAT-CANS, Apr 2, 2016.

  1. I know a dealer that lives across the road from me, but i dont have his number, and i want to buy weed from him, im 16 but never smoked before, how do i go to his house and buy weed, and at what time of day, because he wont be expecting me so idk when to go

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  2. Prepare to get severely taken advantage of. From a ex dealers standpoint and from life experience
    BTW don't do that. Just ask a friend. You're in high school, everyone smokes weed, or at least that was for my class (I haven't been outta there for that long ;) ) :pimp:

    edit: If I was a dealer, I'd sell you an "eighth", cut a gram off, then charge you $60 for coming to my door.
  3. Well even if said neighbor does you can't really just go knocking on his door looking for some tree that's rude and just plain'd need a mutual contact to set you guys up..or a bump in and a conversation that leads to the subject where you can blindly ask if he knows where to acquire some.
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  4. Just to over there and tell him, Hi I'm 16 and would very much like to buy some marijuana from you please.

    See where this goes from here.

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  5. Come back and ask in two years.

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