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Buying from a dispensary?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Deleted member 917181, Apr 26, 2016.

  1. Ok so one of my buddies from work gave me twenty bucks so I could go get him some flower since he lost his license lol anyways should I just ask the budtender for 20 dollars worth of weed or should I ask for like a gram and a half... I know he probably knows he won't get much for twenty bucks but just wasn't sure cause I still wanna buy my own weed and like asking for separate containers isn't that kinda suspicious?
  2. Have you not been in a dispensary before? Just walk in, they usually have prices listed like 1 g for 15 etc. If you have enough, get him a couple grams if not just get him a g and give him his change back. Then when you are getting whatever strain you want it isn't weird at all because you are getting different strains.
  3. Just straight up tell the budtender you've got $2o and want whatever you can get the most of. How is that difficult?
  4. Yea they are expensive but not as nearly as expensive compared to where I used to live it was 60 an eighth can usually get an eighth for 30
  5. I would see what they have on special. You can sometimes cop an 8th for 20 or even a larger amount of fire shake. Although don't forget about the tax..
  6. I just bought a half ounce and could only give him 2 grams for 20 bucks since I spent 126 on the half ounce that's what it came out to here's a pic of this beautiful flower [​IMG]
  7. Good deal man looks decent and your friend got a fair amount. What strain is it?

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