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Buying for the first time?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by King_Bong, Aug 11, 2008.

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    Tomorrow is my first time buying weed from a dealer. I was formerly receiving bud from my brother but he's in rehab for oxycotton... I'm definitely staying away from that shit. Anyway, I don't really know how to approach the dealer. I received her number from a trusted friend of a friend, but it seems like a conversation I would struggle with. I want to ensure that I get mids of a sativa strain, but I don't know if that would make me come off as an ass? Is there anything I should say, other than "hey, I'm A. I'm a friend of B, Got any weed?" Where should I ask to meet, or will she decide? I'm pretty nervous. Please help, I want to end the summer in a good way.
  2. first off. i would delete those names.

    asking for sativa mids is like asking for... well idk, but it doesnt make much sense. mids are commercial, who the hell knows if its sativa or indica dominant - its mids.

    just hit them up, tell em who you know, and ask for some weed.
  3. Yeah, just be like I got your number from X and was wondering if you could hook anything? simple as that.
  4. +1 that's all you gotta do.
  5. Thanks guys, but should I ask about a good place to meet?
  6. lol if you're worried about a place to meet... lol don't worry haha... that was funny as hell to me.. idk...

    Anyway, she'll probably specify a place to meet and if it's too far out of your way, negotiate a good place to meet.

    Do not say it's your first time buying weed, she will rip you off if you do this.

    Do NOT front money, they will for sure jack you - especially if you've never really met them before.

    Inspect the baggy before you pay, make sure you're getting what you paid for.

    I would call her and say Whatsup I got your number from blah blah blah and tell them who you are and everything, then ask if they have any green... Ask what it is that she has and if she has anything really dank and the price and all that good stuff, then set a place to meet.

    You're golden if you follow these simple, rules of thumb.
  7. Just call this person up, and say "Hey, I heard from a friend that you can hook me up. Can you?" then you two can decide where to meet up
  8. Listen to this, its most importatant IMO

  9. haha your funny, you dont tell a dealer what YOU want,
    you ask him or her what do they have and then theyll tell you, then you ask for a price and decide whether or not to get the marijuana
  10. Yeah, I'm a total newb...
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    dont sweat it man we all were "newbs" at 1 point or another, just call that connects number ask them if they have mids... (since you mentioned wanted mids in your earlier post) standard price for mids is 5-10 per gram
  12. ur dealer is a she...if so just.....become fuck buddies.
  13. Yeah, let me repeat what's already been said.


    Don't pay them unless you see the bag with your own two eyes... period. This is probably the most important rule. You don't need to be a dick about it, just inform her or whoever that you gotta see it before you give money. And if they tell you that they have to go get it, then tell them you'll wait.
  14. Haha..

    My homies beat people who call the 1st time and ask for a hook or any other weird shit.. If you say you're [blahs] friend and you want 2 grams [$20] you'd be good.. But if you come off like hey im [blahs] friend and i need 20 dollars worth most likely you don't know what you're talking about unless you're friends with the dealer.
  15. Be cool, they want customers, that's their main goal.

    And don't afraid man, if you think that what she's giving you is total shwag, back off the deal. You want to see what it looks like, y'know.

  16. alright, i think ur gonna b too picky. weed is weed, as long as its not shwag you know?

    you wont know for sure what you are getting unless they tell you on their own.

    i usually just call someone up and as "hey u got any bud" and they say meet me here etc.

    if you dont know the person just tell her where you got the number and ask id she can hook u up with something. dont be picky especially when meeting a new dealer.
  17. If you're nervous send a text message and just be like "hey, this is ____'s friend, i was wondering if you've got any bud" and then theyll let you know whats up and just take it from there.
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    Just ask her if she's got that fire... I've never really dealed with someone I havent partied or hung out with in the past... As for getting Sativa and Indica percentages thats something you can only get straight from the grower really... Just say "I want some shit that blows my dome off."
  19. Fuck buyin'! Take her out to a movie and later she'll smoke ya up for freeee. ;)

    But nah, everyone on here gives good advice, was smart of you to ask before doin' somethin' stupid on your own, haha.
  20. Haha I know how you feel about being nervous..I started buying from 18+ when I was 13 off my friends brothers friend. I had to take the bus across town too, I used to think that I'll get ripped off, or do something stupid like drop the bud on the hand off.

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