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Buying for the first time?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Sakurahime, Feb 7, 2016.

  1. Hey! I'm new and I don't really know where else to direct my questions.

    In addition to being new to this site I'm also relatively new to smoking. I've done it a few times but I want to start smoking more. I'm looking into buying from a dealer that I've already connected with but I'm not sure about anything and figured you all might be able to help me.

    I asked him how much he usually charges per gram and he says it's $20 per gram and the strain he has is White Rhino. As embarrassing as this question is I just don't understand. Is White Rhino a good strain? Should I ask for pictures of it, too?

  2. If its well grown white rhino then it is probably good. that's too hard of a question to answer though because there are too many variables that come into play. also most people selling weed just throw a name on it to move it faster. only way to know for sure is know the grower or grow it yourself. as a beginner id buy a digital scale to make sure that your bag weighs. the ability to tell quality is learned over time. maybe have friend that's more knowledgeable about cannabis around when you do purchase so they can give you a solid judgment of the pickup.

  3. personally i'd never spend 20 a gram but if I did it better be some top shelf. But anyway since you're pretty new to smoking any strain is going to give you a great high. If your dude is trusted and youre friends you don't have anything to worry about

  4. If you're asking all this, you're probably not mature enough to buy or use it. Seriously.


  5. Well, I'm 18 years old and find that I'm mature enough to make my own decisions and I'm getting along through college fairly well. I was just asking because I wasn't sure and I figured that the people on this site would be able to help me. It does say "Apprentice Tokers", doesn't it? As someone new to cannabis and the process of purchasing, I just thought you guys were able to help me. Maybe I was wrong?

    And I appreciate all of the other answers though, thanks everyone.
  6. I'm 19, also hmm I would buy from him and maybe post a picture to make sure you aren't getting ripped off. Also usually most dealers that I've dealt with have always been friends of friends, not random dudes so if that's that case you are good to go. I recently started toking more often going to buy my first pipe from a store.

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  7. Most likely the names any street dealer gives you isn't the actual strain unless the person grows. There's a slight chance it's going to be white rhino. Always ALWAYS ask for pics and ALWAYS make sure you look at the bag before handing over your money to see how it is. If you already talked to him then buying from him should be ok just don't be nervous and do anything suspicious if your buying in a public place. White rhino is a really good strain and it was actually one of my first strains I've ever bought from a dispensary, good luck.
  8. Google search white rhino marijuana. Look at the images presented there. As a matter of fact, look at the stash jar part of the forum. There are many pictures of killer ganja in there. Why you ask? Because, while 20$ a gram isn't unheard of, it just needs to be fucking killer for that price.

    Don't be afraid to throw 20$ down and see what's what once you know what it is you are looking for. Example:
    - it smells fucking good and dank. The more heavy the smell, typically the better the ganja.
    - looks good. I don't mean the color. I mean the shape of the nugs. They should be properly trimmed. It tells you that the ganja was worth the time it took to trim it up.
    - no fucking seeds, no fucking lumber. Stems and seeds are a huge no no. A little bit of stem is ok on your bud. Hey, something has to hold it together. Just no big ol fuckin linkin logs.
    - get a scale. Even a small mechanical scale works well enough for small purchases. Everyone gets taken advantage of in the beginning so it's good to weight your purchases until you get the hang of things.
    - You can buy ganja in grams (most expensive) eighths (3.5 grams, expensive) quarters (7 grams, less expensive) half (14 grams pretty good deal) ounce, zip, "O" (28 grams, best deal). Most people buy it in grams or eighths, some do more. The more y buy the better the deal you get. At 20$ a gram, 50$ an eighth, 80$ a quarter you can see how that per gram, the more you buy the better the deal.
    - store your ganja in mason jars, not bags. Go to a dollar store and buy a few different sized mason jars. Then keep your ganja inside to continue the cure and to protect the integrity of the ganja so it doesn't turn to shit on you.
    - get legal as soon as you can. Move to a legal state if you need to, but get fucking legal. Getting legal isn't just for you, it's for everyone. The more of us that are legal smokers, the more it will be accepted. The easier it will be to get killer ganja. You will always have a legit dealer if you get legal. Dispensaries are fucking legit. You can buy crazy shit you seen in movies at legal dispensaries.
    - take every precaution to not get caught if it is going to be a problem.what I mean is, some times family and friends don't approve and in a fit of righteous indignation will fuck you over thinking it was for the best, that they were helping you. So trust no one and never get busted.

    Rock on new blade! Hope you get everything you want out of it like most of us here have. Hope you have an amazing time with it like most of s here have. Hope you have a nice long run with it like most of us here have!
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    Im late but white rino is a good strain. im not sure of your area but the price is right maybe a lil high but not to bad considering its actually white rhino. as far as not knowing him its only 20$ whats the worst tht cant happen jus dont die. Goodluck OP hope u dont get shot. Haha kidding jus dont let him kno ur New to this and most of all dont be suspect nothing worse than that. We all gotta start somewhere right? Report back goodluck young Jedi May the force be with u on this most treacherous mission.

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