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  1. Hi! My logic board on my Macbook fried out on me and since Apple says thats like 500 dollara to replace i though id might as well bUy a new computer. Parents are apple fanatics so Ive always had one but now im gettin older and got a job finally so I was thinking of buying my own this time around.

    So any advice on what to buy? I have some ideas, probably not a Mac because those damn things are expensive as all hell. Was going through and found this: HP p6 2100 Pavilion


    Thoughts? Suggestions? I need all the help I can get.
  2. For gaming, 3d programs or what? If this is just for word processing anything will do honestly. Just get decent antivirus.
  3. Just to use for internet mostly. Game a little. Maybe type up documents. Maybe make some music.

    I just really hate using my iphone to post on GC right now lol, but i dont want just a crappy comp that i gotta replace in a year.
  4. So you're saying you've always used Macs and now you plan on getting a PC? I'll leave it at that......
  5. You down to give me 1000 bucks to buy me a new mac homie?
  6. Spend the $500 to fix your Mac. I bought a Toshiba Satellite 3 years ago, it worked well for a year, then the next year I had it in the shop 4 times. 3 new motherboards later it sits in my bedroom and won't boot up, motherboard again. Cost $750 new and another $200 for extended warranty, my MBA cost $1100 and I've never had a minutes trouble with it. Wish I had known this when I bought the PC. BTW you asked for input, which is what I gave....
  7. Honestly you're probably gonna hate me for this, but buying a pre built computer its always a risk, building one really isn't that hard and there are hundreds of online guides and trouble shooters. Its cheaper, you know exactly what's in your computer, you can leave space for upgrades, and its fun.

  8. No, I asked for advice on buying a new one. Not apple-elitism, or telling me to fix the old one, which I didnt like anyways.

    I was actually interested in building a computer but I wouldnt know where to begin, could you point me in the right direction? I know "hundreds of guides" but could you point me to the Right ones, reliable parts, etc? It would be much appreciated man
  9. Yea i don't really have time right now as I'm about to go to the beach and blaze, I'll look around tonight and tomorrow to try and help. Try google some stuff now, like the basic components of a computer. Learning the basics first will help.
  10. For 400, its not half bad...

    1 tb HDD, 4gb RAM, decent CPU

    Only thing i don't like is integrated GPU, so dont plan on running the most modern games at high settings... But you could always throw in a GPU later on.

    All the people saying to build one are right, its a lot more fun to build and better in the long run because you know your system in and out...

    But it will probably end up being similar stats for same price, so you're not saving much. But if you got a little extra why not...

    And to the guy saying PC sucks because the bought a fucking Toshiba laptop, lol. Just lol.
  11. :rolleyes:

    3 motherboards later? the chance's of your motherboards going DOA that many times within that many years is improbable, obviously the tech didn't find the actual source of the problem. Not to mention with PC's if you build it yourself you will get 100x more price/preformance then with going with a mac, Apple does have good laptops, I like there air models. I'm not a fan of there O/S or GUI at all but for basic web browsing its fine. But in my opinion there was more of a problem then just your motherboard (the motherboard just doesn't go DOA all of a sudden without actual damage like a blown capacitor)
  12. Also, satellite laptops are usually shit. Either the Toshiba bloatware slows them way the fuck down or they die because of cheap hardware. Not doing proper product research before buying isn't the fault of Toshiba or PCs in general. Macs are okay but they aren't worth the extra money at all.

    Asus is the only brand I go to for laptops or pre built PCs, and for building your own pc, Asus makes nice internals as well. Albeit, good parts are available for cheaper, you just have to know where to look.
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    CyberPower PC. - Custom Built Gaming PC and Gaming Laptops had my last 2 pcs built here. Great customization and no stupid bloatware.

    and if you hop on their forums and just put your price range and what you want to use it for and people should be able to help you build the most optimal desktop. So many people spend money on worthless extras when building pcs so its good to ask.
  14. ^Just checked this out, looks like some real nice computers too.

    decent prices too.

    good laptops too
  15. I bought my pc through ibuypower, I've read a lot of not so good things about them, but their prices are awesome and you can pick all your parts, so what the hell lets see what happens.
  16. ^iBuyPower is almost just as bad as Alienware.

  17. This. I built basically the same build as i did on their site just to see price, its about 450$ more....

    plus all the time it takes for them to build it and send it. and hope it doesnt arrive with a part DOA and have to send the entire fucking computer back. ect ect.
  18. OEM computers like HPs suck and Macs suck even more.
    You can build a better PC then an HP for same or less price.

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