buying first bong..could use some advice

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  1. 20 inches glass water pipe, 5mm thick pyrex glass,

    What do you think about that piece? Pros? Cons? I've been around bongs plenty but this is the first time i'll be getting on..and it looks good to me. Some wouldn't like how it comes apart but that would be really good for my situation (i move around a bit)

    Has used this site?

    I've done a lot of searches on the web but never found any talk about it..So i'm a bit iffy about whether or not its a legit site.
  2. Damn, dude. That would be a very nice first bong. I personally haven't used that site, but eat seems legit. Let us know if you purchase it.:smoke:
  3. thanks man, appreciate it

    i've been scouring shops and the web and so far the shops around here are way way beyond my price range for what i need. Randomly found this one and with the free shipping it seems like a great deal (although i hope its not clear like the one picture shows).

    The ash catcher is a bonus too since that would go great with some tryptamine harmala infusions, saving anything that goes through ;]
  4. Just buy a vape, i have a ssv and all i need a pebble sized nug and it gives me 4 heluva hits and im outta of it!
    Just vape!
  5. It doesn't say it in the description..but it looks like it has a perc and diffused downstem, no?

    Apologies for my noobery!

  6. I love vaping and have both a wooden and glass vaporgenie. They're great, no doubt. But i like to use them for other things as well. The bong would be for both, and the big hits would be ideal for introducing noobs to the tryptamine spice..
  7. website looks fake as fuck man if its legit plz let me know

  8. I agree bongs do have a soft spot in my lungs cus it reminds me when i was first introduced to smoking... Tha good old days....:rolleyes:

  9. yeah, thats what i'm worried about
  10. check out the cheap weed stars on this site man just ordered a big mama and slim jim
  11. [quote name='"simonmoon23"']

    yeah, thats what i'm worried about[/quote]

    Dude. Do not order from that site. Seriously. Matel pipes? Fake roors? I would never give them a cent.

  12. Yeah i realized i shouldn't take the risk, seems pretty bogus after looking into it more.

    Thanks to whoever suggested the big mama weed star bong..that things huge, about 20inch and under 50 bucks..I hate the carb and the cheesey 'weed star' logo but i can plug the whole and cover up the logo with a trippy sticker or something so no big deal. Then i'll throw in an ash catcher

    I was also looking at these but they're just too much compared to that weed star

    Under 20" buy cheap bongs online - Buy Cheap Bongs Online Headshop - Product Info - 19" 6 FINGERS - 2 PERCOLATOR Water pipe w/ash & ice catcher - GR

    20 inch Beaker with Percolator

    pretty good deals though
  13. aight well post back in here when it arrives so i know they are legit
  14. i'm not getting the one from site looks fake

    the one i just posted is from, which is definitely legit
  15. i know nothing about the site but someone bought the exact bong this week and made a thread about it, look around man its on here, he paid $80 i think
  16. I saw what you're talking about i think. Its not the same bong though. It didn't have 2 percs, or an ashcatcher. This came out to 130$, so it sort of evens out, especially considering he got his from a headshop and i can't find deals around here
  17. Yo! I think i did see that website while looking for a vape, it might be legit, but why chance it.
  18. Hi guys,
    we are not fake, maybe not doing a good job update the water pipe section but we are for real, we are wholesale store base in Houston,Texas, and this retail site is just lunched in 2011 that why the price is so low, and we are still working on it, and we do received tons orders daily,
    here is something to prove it.
  19. [quote name='"smurphy90"']website looks fake as fuck man if its legit plz let me know[/quote]

    how does it look fake...? anyways ive bought from here and its legit

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