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Buying ettiqute / how to not piss off your weed dealer

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by dabs710, Jul 21, 2019.

  1. #1 dabs710, Jul 21, 2019
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    I've been both a buyer and seller and on both sides I had a good reputation. I saw other people do stupid shit that either got them no responses for a limited time, or just cut off from their supplier entirely. The problem is usually from noobies and people who don't buy weed much...

    Here's some things I thought of in regards to people buying weed small-time :

    1.) Do NOT randomly ever show up to the dude's residence unannounced attempting to buy weed or with people you bring unannounced, either them sitting in the car waiting or bringing them inside. You're VERY lucky if they will allow you to buy from them again.

    2.) Don't try to repeatedly get them to lower their prices for you, simultaneously because of the quality, and act entitled to constant fat hookups. It would make sense every blue moon if they gave you a number, showed you the bud, and it suddenly looked like what they're selling you didn't match quality-wise. The dealer might even appreciate that especially if they know you've got your head screwed on straight, and give you his reasoning. Hell, he might even realize he is overcharging or that his supplier is sucking. But if you're a chronic complainer, you can expect to have unanswered texts / calls in no time.

    3.) If you whine and act super upset over small mistakes (such as a sack being .1 off when they're usually .5+ over) that the dealer is willing to correct and he's hooking you up all the time, it will definitely piss him off.

    4.) Don't repeatedly go over to their house every day asking for a gram / eighth. Shit will get old real fast. They may just charge you out the ass to compensate for the bullshit.

    5.) Don't call them super randomly at odd hours (especially if you're not buying off them consistently). Worse if you ask them to leave a family function of party with their friends on a Friday past midnight just to hurry back to sell you a little baby sack. It probably cost them as much in gas to run over there. This will get you ignored quickly.

    6.) Again on the time issue, don't say you want to meet them a certain time and then not show up and not let them know.

    7.) Unless they have really specific hours like a delivery service, don't expect them to always be available and be ready in 5 seconds. They have lives too.

    8.) If you call twice and leave a text and they don't answer, just call back another day or buy from someone else.

    9.) Nobody cares that the other guy you know has better weed at better prices. If that's the case why are you buying my herb still?

    10.) Stop acting like you're the King of France if you barely buy. You're on the bottom of concerns. If you spend less than $150 a month you're negligible. It sounds harsh but it's true, if you're decent at selling you have at least several buyers who spend a good amount of money every month or buy wholesale off you.

    11.) Don't start referring your dealer to your contacts without asking him first. And don't tell random people the name of the guy you buy from.

    12.) Don't leave their house with your bag of bud showing for the world to see, or start talking about the awesome bud he just sold you, for the neighbors and cars passing by to see and hear. This is a big no-no.

    13.) Don't leave their house after a split second, and don't stay way too long either.
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    I think every 1 already knows the basics of how to treat a dealer :laughing: if you respect the dealer they'll respect you back it's basic math lol
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  3. have you sold? believe me they don't
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  4. No dealing is a mugs game lol, but I've been buying weed for 10+ years so I know how to stay good with dealers.. I've had pretty much the same dealers the whole time :laughing:
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  5. well that says it to me. it's good you're a good custie, but you have no experience dealing with people's BS on the other side of the coin. These are people from young adults to seniors I've seen.

    Which is why wholesaling is always better.
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  6. Oh I've had my fair share of fuck around dealers dude I just cut them off or they got eventually arrested for being stupid :laughing:

    All my plugs now just tell me straight if there in/don't have anything or if they're going out of town ect

    They all also don't have people showing up without asking first I noticed that older dealers tend to be upfront about everything & they lay down rules when you first buy from them.. all the people that have messed me around in the past where 18-25 :laughing:
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  7. yeah don't get me wrong it's not like everyone who sells is automatically good or shows positive traits in their business.

    i've seen people in their 60's pull this crap. and acquaintances / friends.
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  8. i had a mate was dealt weed ....he was really fuking mad at guys who rang him up at 3am in the morning asking for a small deal and expect him to jump in his car and deliver it ,,
    he only gave his address to buyers to trusted and knew them socially ,,but he still got a few of them knocking his door at crazy hours in the early morning and that really fuked him off ,,,usually an idiot wanting a £10 deal ,,mac,
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  9. Oh damn one of my plugs accidentally shorted me not long ago I got given an 8th instead of a Q of hash I didn't notice till I got home.. I rang them & explained the situation, the dude said he got mixed up & to come back I swapped the 8th & got 8gs back for the fuck up & a free gram of weed :smoke:

    Most dealers would usually play it off & shit but he sorry & we both just said every 1 makes mistakes :laughing: + the dude weights Infront of me everytime now & always throws me extra/ sometimes gives me edibles for free:weed::weed:
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  10. your list has two number sevens
  11. one of the worst buyers i've come across was someone whom was previously a great customer, which made this strange. at first he started hitting me up super randomly late on the weekend for a smaller amount. he apologized, but the next time he planned it hours in advance for late at night and he didn't show up / answer his phone. finally the last time he hit me up over a month later and asked me to leave what I was doing and meet him randomly late at night for a .5 gram of weed to "get him to sleep for the night" and would not answer his phone and responded very slowly. honestly had a hard time believing he was serious for a minute, he had a decent job that payed him good too. had to ignore right then.
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