Buying equipment from Ebay?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by MKultra86, Sep 20, 2009.

  1. Hydroponics retailers seem to be quite pricey so i decided to look around for deals on ebay. I found some decent deals on the lighting and I was wondering if there was SAFE way to purchase it online... any tips?

    Here some things i found:
    400 W Lumatek Grow Light kit HPS hydroponic grow light - eBay (item 360170739304 end time Oct-12-09 17:48:32 PDT)'

    400 watt HPS GROW LIGHT AIR COOLED HOOD w 400w Sodium - eBay (item 390086626714 end time Sep-25-09 12:45:18 PDT)

    400 WATT HPS DIGITAL GROW LIGHT SYSTEM 400W SUN LAMP CE - eBay (item 290345832664 end time Oct-02-09 01:13:28 PDT)

    Any help is appreciated :)
  2. get em in a store pay with cash then u wont have tht paranoid feeling while growin
    (as much)
  3. use paypal. it shows up as paypal on your bank statement.
  4. ebays safe as long as the auctions private.. if your using your personal account (that maybe your friends/co-workers/family knows) you use as an alias and the auction isnt private for the "stealth pc hydroponics kit" or "400w lighting" well.. then one nosey person is gonna finger you for growing the stanky weed.
  5. Fortunately you can't link to auctions after a certain period of time once they expire (30 days maybe?). You can be paranoid but seriously, how many transactions go through ebay per day? I don't think a 400mh is going to attract any unwanted attention.
  6. I think it's fine, I bought a bunch of my shit from eBay, lots of cheap items =]

    and plus 87rx7chick is right it just shows up as "Paypal"
  7. I use ebay all the time. In my opinion, it is the savest way on the internet. No one is going to question Nutes or lights as you would be surprised at how many hobby growers actually do plant tomatoes and orchids. Just my two cents.

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