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Discussion in 'Other Smoking Accessories' started by fallengfx, Jun 12, 2013.

  1. Anybody ever buy boxes of cigarillos online? I'm looking to stock up on my White Owls because even buying boxes at the store I feel like I'm spending way too much and could get a much better price online. Anyone know of a good place with good prices and selection? Google hasn't helped at all. All the sites I've looked at seem shitty and their stock looks old.

  2. Thompson cigar

  3. Tobacco . Com?

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  4. why the FUCK would you waste your money on such a worthless piece of paper. I hope you realize what's in those lol. Go organic raw please. King size. 
  5. Yea tobacco...
  6. *the tobacco swept up from the floor @ cigarette factories
    just kidding. me and my buddies always joke about this, but i dont think its true. the tobacco they use for blunt wraps is definitely processed quite heavily. im not a neigh-sayer...i love my blunts from time to time :yummy:
    dont bother listening to my, shine, and hash really get to you after a hard days of work :smoking:
  7. Tobacco is organic ;) (i know it's processed, this was a statement made in jest.)
  8. 1. Buy cigarillos online at great wholesale prizes
    2. ?????

    3. Profit?
  9. I hate smoking blunt wraps it's like smoking tobacco cardboard paper.
    But I like to have dutches or games once in a while and even backwoods here and there.
    If there aren't any of those I'll go for white owls or swishers.
    All cigarillos and in foil packs, love em.  I try to stick with the ones that have all leaf since it's the most "natural".  Still probably sprayed with 10000 chemicals ha.
  10. The wrapper is pressed they take backy that has hit the floor or from cigs that are old grind them up and spray chems on them to make wrappers and fillings
  11. I love backwoods, not to many people here know about them.
  12. Yeah they are very good but just takes a bit more effort to roll.  Smoothest blunt hits though.
  13. haha the first time I "tried" to roll one I spilt it like a regular blunt you should have saw the look on my boys face. they were like what the crap are you doing, you just screwed up the woody.
  14. Order a box box of Backwoods and get a bottle of some good scotch.

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