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Buying Bud Online

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CoherentSnail, May 31, 2009.

  1. Where i live the best weed i can get is mids. Sometimes I'll stumble upon someone with Ak or blueberry but then its gone in a week and impossible to find again, not to mentio the prices. so i pondered buying bud online but im a little paranoid about handing out my card number to every site that advertises, understandable? so if anyone has reliable links that have been tried, tested, and proven to work with decent prices i would appreciate your help. Thanks for reading!!!
  2. Lmao. Wow.
  3. thats sooo sketch buying online.. better buy seeds online and then just grow urself.. trust me ull b lovin life
  4. I've got some crack/anthrax/12 year olds for sale too if ya need any of those.
  5. gee...way to be helpful

    but no don't buy bud online it is illegal after person said before if you want dank get some seeds
  6. You can buy seeds(there's a list of legit sites somewhere around here). But no pretty much all of those sites are scams, and the ones that DID work have been busted. I wouldn't risk it. Leave it to the streets.
  7. Well just save up your money and dont buy mids and when the dank rolls around again stock up.
  8. if u buy online...u will hopefully be arrested or end up with grass clippings
  9. "Buying Bud Online" is a bad idea.
  10. eh man i can hook u up with a site that will fax you sheets of acid, hit me up
  11. someone in my town was arrested for having pounds of bud sent to his house, weed smells and the driver of the truck that delivered it knew and had police on sight when he delivered it
  12. There are some legit ones. They are incredibly hard to find because the change their info constantly. I tried it once but never got it. I was out $200 for nothing. I dont know if they ripped me or if the authorities caught it
  13. you would get a letter if the authorities got it.
  14. The sarcasm is the best part of the thread. buy an illegal substance and want a reputable dealer. Don't even know how to answer
  15. hahahahaha seriously online not even smart grow your own shit

  16. Says it all.

    And whenever the mail is involved with a crime the penalties become a lot worse.

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