buying bong help

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  1. I just dont like dome perc bongs. so I would recommend these

    Black Leaf - Inline Perc Glass Bong - "The Nautilus" Layback -

    Black Leaf - Inline Perc Glass Bong - "The Nautilus" - Bongs & Waterpipes - Smoking Pipes -

    Weed Star - Double Bubbler Bong 3.0 with Shower Head Perc Diffusers - this one is hands down the best though.

    Good luck buddy
  2. Thanks for the suggestions
  3. If you're adamant about the price, I'd go with Kliff's suggestions, however my suggestion would be to save a bit longer.

    In glass, $160 is not equal to two times $80. It's more. That jump can save you a lot of woe.

    Also, check out your LHS and see what you can haggle for, some local blowers put out really nice work for not too much cash.
  4. Im getting really sick of kids posting that they want a quality bong for under a hundred bucks. AINT GONNA HAPPEN!
  5. Bought my current daily work horse for 160. Zob 14 inch stemless diffused 90 degree angle blue label@ about to invest 45 on an ash catcher today

  6. i didnt say it had to be great i just want something to get me started

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