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Buying blunts?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by amateurblazer, May 4, 2011.

  1. I am about to buy 8 blunts of some "fire." I wanna make sure it is fire and cut up some of the blunts and also save some for the bong. Are you able to cut up a blunt and take all the weed out? I've never bought blunts before. Sorry if this is a dumb question I am already kind of high

  2. Your supposed to buy some weed and a blunt from the store.
    Ive never heard of anyone buying pre rolled blunts
  3. My guy said its $5 a blunt, I said I had $40 so 8 blunts. If that means it is enough weed to roll 8 blunts great, but i dont think he meant it that way, considering he said 8 blunts.
  4. pre rolls anything are usually made from shake, thats whys its 5$ a blunt dummy. Either shake or Shwagg, when have you gotten a gram of 'FIRE' for 5$?

    Stupid question #2: Yes you can cut up a blunt and take out the weed, how else did it get there :)?

    :) dont get mad at teasing you, your asking silly questions or are really high, most likely just silly since you havent gotten those 'Fire' $5 blunts yet ;)
  5. Yeah just cut it open. In fact what's fun is smoking half and than putting the rest in some bowls. It'll be nice and resinated, it's not for everyone though. Some people don't like it.
  6. I'd just buy a quarter and just roll blunts, then you'll also have some leftover for your bong, pipe etc. :smoke:
  7. When someone says they have blunt's for (x amount of money) they usually mean that it's enough weed for a blunt. They are not usually pre rolled, not sure if your misunderstanding him? or maybe he's just "that guy" who sells prerolled blunt's lol...
  8. do you live in virginia? i knew a guy from virginia who used "blunt" as an amount, such as dime, 5 piece etc, as well as the actual blunt.. i forget how much it was supposed to be though.. buying pre rolled blunts is kind of random
  9. Just ask for the weed. Who the hell buys pre-rolled blunts? You have no idea what you're getting until it's too late...
  10. Please, the last thing I would do is get mad at some teasing, I just realized it was a dumb question, I picked up the "8 blunts" just 5 minutes ago and, yes, it looks like enough to roll 8 blunts. 8 blunts worth of weed. u know.
  11. Yeah most of the time its shwag or mids. My tio gets rid of pre rolled joints and blunts all the time.
  12. And was it really $5.00 USD a gram for some "FIRE" ? Or was it schwag as presumed?
  13. better be fat tho.also just keep the weed in the blunt.what i do is i roll a blunt cuz they burn slow.then i stick it in my bong slinder and hit it through my bong.its just a way to conserve weed.and it ownly takes a few bong rips to get you fucked up so you wont use bairly any of the blunt roach that and spark it back up when you want to get higher.

    this way you can smoked blunts and hit a blunt without taking the weed out the blunt for your bong
  14. Never ever buy pre rolled shit. cmon man.

    unless your in gradeschool
  15. Its not schwag, or fire. Smokes and tastes good though. Doesn't taste like the schwag i just got done smoking (due to dealer issues), but it definitely doesn't taste like dank. and now, im pretty high :smoke::smoke:
  16. that was quick.

  17. that means its 5 dollars a gram.. cause a gram is 1 blunts worth.. hes not saying hes going to give you an actual rolled blunt for 5 dollars. I'm sure he means 1 gram..
  18. Lol he called me like 20 minutes ago. and he found a ride here and dropped it off. Very reliable person, great prices and deals, but what he sells me sometimes isn't really what it is said to be. At least its not schwag, but im not mad with the price. It looks likes some mids. It doesn't taste as nasty as what you expect to taste when smoking scwhag or mids.

  19. WTF? sorry had to double post
  20. yall and stop hating on 5$ dollar grams man.. its not the same all over the country. You can actually get some pretty high grade mid for 5 a gram and be absolutely lit off a bowl, or a bong, or a blunt, or a joint. just cus its $5 dosent mean its some Brown dirty schwag everywhere you go. in more populated areas dealers dont fuck with mids because since the level of risk is higher for getting caught. theyd rather make more money off selling exotic higher priced bud then waste their time trying to build money pushing $5 grams.

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