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    Hi im about to buy the Arizer solo. i have the option of getting the power adapter with it for only 20 dollars. I was wondering if any users found it useful to buy the power adapter or is it just a waste of money? please let me know thats the only thing holding me back from purchasing it. thanks. Also considering I have the extreme q (black) should I go again with the black for the solo or get silver? please let me know your opinions you arizer solo users. thanks.

  2. If its the one that bypasses the battery, its great, just have it plugged in at home and its always good to go, no waiting to get a charge.
  3. Buy the power adapter that lets it be used while plugged in. If your battery ever dies after the warranty is gone, you just have to take out the battery which is incredibly easy and use the wall adapter then you have yourself a desktop vape. Works great with hydro tube.
  4. thanks for the advice you two i really appreciate it. and yes it is the 1 that lets you plug it to the wall and use it.
  5. My Solo arrived yesterday... fantastic piece o' hardware.  According to a recent youtube review, the MOST recent version of the Solo now can in fact  charge while being used.  Look for model #s that begin M1C/M1D (as is mine).  Hope this saves you the $20 for an extra charger.
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    Oh wow, thanks so much to Rojodo the last guy who wrote that review about charging solo and using at the same time. Mine works as you described. Sent from my iPad using Grasscity Forum
    This is a good solution (one I have used myself for a while), but I wanted to post in case anyone didn't know you can pick up replacement batteries at and verdamptnochmal
  8. Actually, I did not know that and thank you. Brownies all around!
  9. Any of you have some spare change?
    Nope o.o
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