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Discussion in 'General' started by Demo Spec, Jun 9, 2009.

  1. hey guys buying and ounce and wondering how much should i pay, the guy said its high grade stuff and i know it it, smoked it before, so im wonderin, the guy said it cost 400dollars for the oz, is this a good price or should i go lower
  2. kinda high imo.
  3. I'd say 140 tops... for DANK...
  4. Canadian prices are a lot lower.

    Try to get it down to like $350
  5. It all depends on your area. Here in NY I was picking up oz's for 380 upwards to 450 of some quality shit.

    These Canadians paying 140 for an oz, I hate you all :smoke:
  6. if you could find a better deal then go for it, 400 is a bit pricey but as long as its some really good bud i dont think there is much to complain about, just think for yourself, is the high youre going to get off those 28g's really worth 400?
  7. Theres always guys trying to sell shit for 400$ an oz. imo, F THAT. You can find dank buds for half that price if you ask enough.
  8. Yeah dude, $400 an oz is pricey as fuck.
    over here in New Zealand we get em usually about $250 - $350, and that's NZD, which is about half the US dollar. personally I wouldn't go over about $250USD for an oz, but hey man, whatever. ask around a bit more. be careful though dude :)
  9. Think of it this way...

    $40 for an 1/8
    $80 for a 1/4
    $160 for a 1/2

    so MAXIMUM....$320 for an oz. And you're buying in bulk get it down to like $280-$300.....that's an actual FAIR price...Especially if you think a gram is a dimebag, so $10 x 28 = $280.....see.
  10. idk man, ill ask around but it seems like a fair price to me, it being good dope and the prices of street dealers, over here i could easily sell a g for 20, np, 400dollars for 28gs, sell each of those, get 560 dollars, easy, so if i can get a better price i will, but if i cant, oh well
  11. Where do you live Demo Spec?

    Kinda depends on your location whether you're gonna get ripped off or not
  12. im over here in fresno, california, hopefully soon this peice of shit state will make it legal, btw i think we're gunna be the first state to make it legal, the debate is open, says our govener
  13. i pay 300/oz headies.
  14. lol Nice ftw

    In the terrible state of Oklahoma, you can pick up an ounce for 290-300, of good shit. If only I could get an ounce of dank for 60, like the middies in this state
  15. let me give you guys report of the quality of this bud, 1 dub, around 10 people, 3 pipes,equal shares and i was still fucken blazed! and i aint no lightweight. but keep in mind this was a slightly larger 20 sack, ty btw

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