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Buying an ounce

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by folied, Jun 7, 2009.

  1. Me and my friend are going to put together some money for an ounce this summer. Do you think an ounce of dank would be enough for two occasionally third person for heavy weekend smoking but non during the week, every single weekend of the summer?

    How much should I be looking to spend on an ounce of dank?

    Also I prefer the energetic head high compared to the lazy body high

    Is there a way I could specify to my guy what type of high I want without looking dumb?
  2. An ounce would probably be enough for a summer of weekend smoking. An ounce of dank should cost 280-330 or so. Ask for an Indica strain.
  3. Good thread. I'm hoping to pick up an ounce over the summer. Whats the best way to approach my dealer and ask for an Indica, instead of Sativa?
  4. ^good answer.
  5. #5 originalganja, Jun 7, 2009
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    I prefer getting smaller amounts like 8ths so you get to change it up every now and then, and try out different kinds of bud. You can also basically test out the bud that way, see if its indica or sativa. Once you find some you like, then go for the o.
  6. Huh? Don't know if your being sarcastic or not; came off as being sarcastic but oh well.
  7. I don't know about you guys, but the guys I have where I am wouldn't know an indica and a sativa in general, much less in the bud they're selling. They'll just tell you what you want to hear.

  8. I think he was talking about rpmuser123's answer.

    And personally, I would buy 1/8s at a time so that I could try out different strains.
  9. i think he ment the guy who posted above u
  10. i just talked to my guy he said he could get me "the best bud ive ever smoked" for 400 for 20 grams. thats 20/gram with no price cut or anything and its not even a full ounce for 400.. but everything I've gotten from him is some DANK so i dont know if I should spend 400 for 20 grams of amazing shit
  11. if you want an energetic high you want a sativa not an indica
  12. yeah hes right...ak47, super energetic high, its sativa
  13. fuck that, don't buy it for MORE than $400 especially if it's not a full ounce. either a full o for 400 or find someone else/wait for him to get something cheaper, he's just trying to hustle you so he can have 8g for free.
  14. Nah, I would never spend $400 for 20grams, no matter how dank it really is. I like it to be both high in quantity and quality, both split down the middle. Nothing too strong, but not weak either. This way I can get a decent amount for a good price, but still have some good bud.
  15. yeah fuck that ill talk to some other people

  16. Noooo Dont do that, you got to get a price break if your buying over half a zip. I would try to find other peoples prices for ounces. If you really dont have anyone else and the wont give you a price break, then at least just buy one 20 sack before you see if you really think its worth it. Then buy the other 19 later on. I would just get like 4 grams then look around for other people. That should get you 2 to 4 weeks of smoking if you smoke 1 gram a night on weekend.

    Also I dont think an ounce will be enough. You will start smoking more and more before you know and then its all gone,
  17. For $400 for 20 gs I would check it out for sure. I pay 20 a g no matter the amount but it worth it because it always gooooood green.

  18. hahah i know I bought an eighth and I told my self I'd only smoke it on the weekends.. and now I'm finding my self lighting up a bowl or two by my self. ><
  19. the summer last about 3-4 months here in the US. If you can, just buy a little at a time from him and at the same time grow you own. 2 summers ago I acquired 10 female Northern Lights seeds and grew 5 plants. I got 8 ounces total under CFls. I planted 6, but one was a hermie (freaky looking).
  20. Yeah, seriously don't try to restrict yourself. Just conserve bud, thats the most you can do. Smoke 2 bowls in the morning, and maybe another one later in the day.

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